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17. April 2024

Well made app. I have used other and they do not even compare in quality or service. This has them all beat. Thanks for a great Team of people I am able to keep the online advertising moving along without having to spen too much time. Thanks!!!
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9 monate mit der App
21. April 2024

I have been using Litcommerce for a few months now and I am really happy with it, so much so I have now signed up for a year. Also the customer service is excellent! They sort any problems out really quickly

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6 monate mit der App
27. April 2024

Connecting each marketplace is simple. Everything is pretty explanatory but if you need help then the support is amazing. I have tried several platforms but Lit Commerce is the most helpful support team I have experienced so far. -TBG

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6 monate mit der App
16. April 2024

The agent Rachel helped a lot with uploading listings from eBay to Shopify and guided through the entire process with screenshots that made it really easy to understand. Compared to every other platform I've used, LitCommerce really has the best agents and they put you first whether it's taking your time or actually sitting you through it.

Yachts and Diesels
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Etwa 2 monate mit der App
22. April 2024

This was by far the easier way for me to list on Ebay and Reverb. Customer service has been great for the questions I had. I definetly recommend.

A Sound Education Inc
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10 monate mit der App
10. April 2024

App is easy to use and understand. Even if you do need help they always respond in a timely manner. I highly recommend. It's more expensive but worth it.

Mode Motif
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8 monate mit der App
10. April 2024

My help has always been all that I could have wish for. Rosalie was great to work with. I have always found Harvey and all of the gang at the help desk very courteous and informative. Being somewhat computer illiterate and not very well acquainted with the rules of Amazon, they have been a great help.
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4 monate mit der App
9. April 2024

Very useful tool to have, simple and effortless and if you are ever stuck their support team is amazing! Thanks for all your help Rachel.

R and T Music
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9 monate mit der App
LitCommerce hat geantwortet 11. April 2024

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so glad that you're enjoying LitCommerce and that you found our customer support helpful!

We know that integrating two platforms can be a challenging task, so we're always happy to provide our customers with the support they need to get everything up and running smoothly, especially in your multichannel selling journey.

More than that, we're always looking for ways to improve our services, so we really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you once again for choosing LitCommerce! We hope you will remain satisfied with our tool for many years to come.

The LitCommerce Team

29. April 2024

"This app is fantastic for managing our Amazon and eBay stores, and I can't emphasize enough how responsive and friendly the support team is. If you're juggling multiple ecommerce channels, this is the app you need. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Foresee Electronics Inc
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12 monate mit der App
22. April 2024

We`re using LitCommerce solely for TikTok at the moment, but with plans to go to other marketplaces. We tried other apps before, but there was always something wrong - they don`t have the market we need, or they don`t have the feature we need, or the customer service is not quite helpful. LitCommerce, on the other hand, was a next level experience, especially their customer service team. Honestly, no matter how big or small our issues were (mostly me skipping the tutorials), they were always there for us and sorted everything in a matter of hours (more often - minutes). Always friendly, too. Rosalie and Rachel - thank you for your help.

You Know Who's
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