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Complete waste of time. Lacks even the most basic functionality and outsourced customer support are useless. If you have a large amount of products, this is not the app for you.

Chummy Tees

Looking for an alternative to ebay app being removed from the app store. Grabbed this only to find they don't have order sync...then what is the purpose of even offering a free plan if you can't use it for order syncing? I can list and add things to ebay all by myself. Takes longer but I really need the order syncing.

The Pink Controller

With all the good reviews I guess I must be the first Shopify to Etsy user. This app is a mess!!! Stuff is broken every time I use it. Yes they have fixed several of issues I've reported, but seriously I should be getting paid to test this software. At the very least a discount, this app is super expensive for being so broken. (Like some things so bad it makes me question did this thing ever get beta tested on a live Etsy shop?). For the last 12+ hours I can't get my new Shopify items so I can export to Etsy, and half my Etsy items in the app have errors all of a sudden. The other day support literally dropped off the radar for ~24 hours despite saying 24/7 support for paid users like I am, then emailing me telling me about time differences? If I can't even rely on this for Shopify to Etsy, I don't even want to attempt syncing to Ebay. Which was my end goal, one app to simply being on multiple stores. I'm going to stick with the remainder of my paid month, and may or may not update this review on how this app improves or not.

Mega-City Merchandise LLC