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We've been selling online for about 22 years. As time went on, we needed a system to sync SKUs and orders between all of our online stores. We tried eComDash for a while and that was a complete nightmare. eComDash ALMOST caused us to close our entire business. Finally fed up, we made the decision to search for a better system. Every review and every feature pointed to LitCommerce. I did my homework for about a month and the whole time, LitCommerce's staff was friendly, helpful and extremely timely. We finally made the switch last week. We expected hiccups and we encountered some. However the big difference this time around was that we were with the great staff of LitCommerce the whole way through it. In 22 years, I've never seen better support. Do yourself a favor and try LitCommerce if you need to sync your items from Shopify to other online stores. You will not regret it!

Synergy Mounting Systems

I have tried a few apps for cross listing and the team at LitCommerce are by far the best out there. They have already added a few functions to the app that we need in order to use it and they have been nothing but professional here. 5 Star

Flippin Goodies

When eBay discontinued their Shopify app in December 2022, those of us who used it were all charged with finding a new integration platform. After trying another popular app that left me sorely disappointed, I decided to try LitCommerce, and I am very pleased with my decision.
I am giving LitCommerce 5 stars because, while there *are* occasional issues (and the occasionally frustrating time difference between the US and Australia), they are *immediately* responsive when available (..time difference). They provide good and thorough help and even request - and implement! - suggestions that better the user experience, which is the real kicker for me. I really value the idea/feeling that they are a "partner", much more than with other apps I've used via Shopify.
Of note: I do not use LitCommerce with any other external sales platform, but if you're looking specifically for an eBay integration app, choose this one! You won't be sorry.

Industrial Surplus Oregon

I am still testing this app. It seems to be working well, there is a learning curve, but I am taking my time and getting better.

I am really however wanting to talk about the customer service. Because I feel a reputable good company means that there is good people that are there to help you. I am really impressed with the customer service I got with help making sure something was working correctlly, (Hanah) helped me a lot. I was actually really impressed because I am used to customer service people not being able to understand me or not fully understanding the issue and when I checked Hanah already understood perfectly everything I said, and there was no need for me to check.

The point is, I would choose a company that even wasn't perfect but had GREAT personable customer support, over a company that might work better, but had terrible customer support. So I will be upgrading to a paid plan soon, AND I was told you can request a refund as well. Which is comforting to know, since the paid plans allow you to test out all the features.

So this is a very legit service. With a very clean design, and actually rather simple once you get the hang of it. Thanks for all the help! And have a great day ! ;)

Scrapwood Martial Arts, LLC

This App is an absolute GAME CHANGER. I've been listing to Ebay for years and have tried more than 14 apps over the years I'm sure. Probably everyone that is in the app store and this one is the BEST. They are VERY quick to respond to any issues and are there every step of the way. It is a breeze to use and saves me hours and hours I used to spend sending items to Ebay.

Apparel Garden

I highly recommend this app, not only because of their features but for their immediate and friendly prompt chat support in any regards, THANK YOU.


I highly recommended Litcommerce App. Excellent communication and support. Thank you for the services.

My Vintage Drip

Works excellently, a little trouble setting up but it was to be expected with this many stores/orders


Easy to use app, but most of all wonderful support whenever you have a question or need a hand with anything. Seamless integration with Shopify and eBay. I only have great things to say about LitCommerce.


Litcommerce is great! So much easier to use than InkFrog and Sellbrite. Excellent communication and support. They are willing to go the extra mile to get your business running smoothly on eBay.