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Not ready for prime time. I almost always have a ticket open in regards to something not working right.

They have Very nice support people which is great but if the software is buggy that can only buy so much runway. I have to run a business here and I am sad to report that can't rely on LitCommerce to perform as expected.

West Coast Gemstones

The Reverb integration is unreliable. I have been using this for the last couple of weeks. Although it has a nice interface, it is, without a doubt, the buggiest app I have ever used. I have had to reach out to customer support staff on a nearly daily basis to fix something broken; Often multiple times a day While they are friendly and responsive, it is a huge hassle. I am convinced that I am the first person to use this app and no testing was done prior to launch.

We have been using the app for about 2 months now for connecting Etsy and Amazon. Firstly, I will say that the support and customer service are responsive, professional, and friendly. The connection with Etsy worked very well, and allowed us to create Etsy listings with a calculated shipping profile, which was a step above the competition. However...
The Amazon channel connection is EXTREMELY problematic. Orders will not automatically import to Shopify, they must be manually synced. In addition, if you intend to fulfill the orders through Shopify, you will then have to manually copy and paste the customer & shipping information from Amazon into the order in Shopify. We have also found instances where the app added inventory back into products in Shopify (with no apparent concurrent event to cause it), causing us to oversell. Most recently (the straw that broke the camel's back), the app suddenly automatically imported a 2 month old Amazon order into Shopify (an order that had already been imported back on the original date of the order), at a time when we were not even performing any tasks in the app, in Shopify, or in Amazon. We hope that LitCommerce can get these issues corrected at some point in the future and will be happy to give them another try. But at this time we will be switching back to SellBrite.

Mels Crafty Mojo LLC