LitExtension Store Migration , 225 則評價

  • 97% 的評分為 5 顆星
  • 1% 的評分為 4 顆星
  • 0% 的評分為 3 顆星
  • 0% 的評分為 2 顆星
  • 2% 的評分為 1 顆星

Did the migration in around May. Process: easy to use you select the cart and destination.
error: I have thousands of products and it did not migrate right the first two times. On the last (3rd), the products were uploaded but the subcategories did not so I was unable to use it but my help time expired. (Note this all happed around covid high time so those extra months no one was in the office) I was unable to use my Shopify site due to this. I just spoke to a rep on 7/6/2021 and was finally told that it does not upload the subcategories . Not I need to find the 3rd part to do this as I was not told the first time. Asked if there was a discount at least for a migration to re-upload files. and none. it give it a 2/5 due to the fact of lack of information the first time around and it could have saved me lots of time. Also if I was told about sub categories the first time and was not being charged the full price the second time as the first time made it unusable.

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