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16 februari 2024

Just so many issues with a larger store. Also a disaster if you use coupons, particularly collection specific coupons (For example, 20% off all tees). Just a nightmare.
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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 17 februari 2024

Hi Scott, the issue you are referring to is related to Shopify Draft orders, which don't support all discount types (Platform limitation).

Our app now actually supports the newest Checkout extensibility, which supports all Discount types.

I hope you can give our app another chance and reconsider your review.

All the best with your store

30 januari 2024

Please save yourself some time. Buggy app, bad support, sometimes does not charge engraving fees. Steer clear!

The Roman Catholic Store
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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 31 januari 2024

Hi Katy, our support team repeatedly replied to your requests and asked to share more details.

Our app is well tested, so there is most likely an issue on your theme. All our plans include theme support, we always do our best to resolve such issues for our Merchants!

29 december 2023

this app is no good save your money the resizing feature for the images and text do not work and they don't answer your question when you contact support

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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 30 december 2023

We have almost 24/7 support coverage, I can see you've reached out and we've answered your question!

Your review is absolutely unprofessional, I hope you can start the new year with a positive and professional approach so that your store actually can be successful. All the best!

2 december 2023

This is one of the most unfriendly apps I've ever used. It is too complicated for a non-programmer, your average person setting up a website. I spent well over 50 hours trying my best to make it work with out success.

Sawdust Steve LLC
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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 4 december 2023

Hi Stephen Fristoe, our team works very hard on making the app user-friendly while also making it one of the most powerful options apps. Our support is also always available to help, I can see you have reached out to us, and we resolved your request in which you replied with "Thanks, it worked."

We are a hardworking team of developers and customer support agents, I truly hope you can reconsider your review. We wish you all the best with your store.

Bewerkt 22 mei 2023

When I've used this software to set up custom products, I've had problems needing help from customer service, but the most I've gotten in response is to check the self-help documentation. I have clearly explained to customer service that I am having problems setting up a custom product and have recorded a video about it and sent it to him. But the response was "we can't help customers set up the product", which is really frustrating. As a paying customer, I just want the customer service to guide me through the setup of this custom product. That's all. But it seems to be difficult for them. So, I have to warn shopify sellers who want to use this software. They are not very friendly. I've been using this software for 4 days now and I haven't finished setting up a custom product yet. It's too bad.

NEW FEEDBACK: terrible service, I left them a 1 star message feedback. But instead of communicating with me nicely, they said I was extorting them. They said I had to delete this message before they would fix the problem I was experiencing. I decided that I will sue them at shopify for the app.

Third Response:This is a company that has no service, they only blame the user.

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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 22 mei 2023

We provide one of the best support on shopify. This merchant sent a link to a competitors product and demanded we create a video for you to copy it. This is not what we offer.

3 augustus 2023

I have been struggling for 8 months with this app. Dev keeps referring to documentation that fails to resolve my issues.

Aged With Imperfections LLC
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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 5 augustus 2023

Our app is very powerful, we always recommend to read our docs and watch our introduction videos!

We've only received a single ticket from your store, please reach out again and we will do our best to get your product config setup to your needs!

Bewerkt 3 oktober 2021

I could not get the app to work. When I asked for help all I got were self help files. A 10min conversation would have solved my problem but they just said everyone else can do it. I could not. So unless you are very good at this stuff I would choose someone else which is what I have done.
I have seen the reply. Hmmm. I have had this Free App for 3 months and over the period I asked for help several times. Same documents. The "further" support was offered if I removed my review. As for my attitude it followed a reply that suggested I was lazy for not reading the help file ( untrue ) and that I would never be successful.

Wipeclean Tablecloths & Table Protectors by gfarfabrics
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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 3 oktober 2021

Merchant asked us how to set up a custom option. We sent him a link to help documentation with detailed instructions and screenshots. Instead of asking a follow-up question, he left a 1-star review.

We even followed up to offer further support. The merchant was arrogant and threatened to cancel his subscription, even though he was using our free plan… Best of luck with the Wipecleaning ;)

Bewerkt 11 januari 2023

I was very excited to try this app. Unfortunately, none of the staff could clearly explain how to add personalizations to my items. Even after asking for a video with a clear set of step by step instructions, no one really helped. They kept telling me to look back at the self help doc. Then they told me to hire someone on Upwork to set up the app instead of setting up a 10 minute phone call or Zoom to help me through this.
Very disappointed. Try an app where they're happy to help you get set up. I was told I could only get help with set up if I was a bigger store. So this app isn't for small business owners just starting out.

Everyday Gifts For You
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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2023

I've just checked our support requests from your store. I can see we have even setup an example config on your store based on your request. After that, you've requested us to setup our app based on another merchants store that uses our app. This is not something we offer, and our merchants would also not be happy about this!

Also we have lots of videos explaining how to setup a product with a live preview.

6 februari 2023

This app is difficult to set up. The price does not update in the cart and even after reading the documentation and watching videos, I still had trouble using it. Overall, I was disappointed with my experience.

Tracy Prints
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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 6 februari 2023

Our app is one of the simplest product options app to setup. The live preview can be more complex as it's very powerful. We saw you've reached out to our support but failed to provide a link to your store so that we can help you out. Prices not updating is most likely a theme issue that we are always available to fix for our merchants.

19 oktober 2021

I tried using the app, it does not update the price on the theme bought on the shopify platform, messaged them and they have done absolutely nothing, I have emailed 5 times, and they want you to pay for this?

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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 19 oktober 2021

We did respond to your emails and were offering support. I would have appreciated some patience before you decided to leave a one star review.

Our app is one of the only apps that does not directly edit your theme code, this is a huge benefit in not messing anything up when you in/uninstall the app.

However for some themes the app needs a hint the to find the right location e.g to update the product price. We have help documentation on how to add the hint yourself and also provide theme support to add the hint for you.