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In-store Experience Online - Overlay Products @ your home

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Exponential Increase in sales

Take advantage of Google Street View as a Marketing Tool and take your physical store to online shoppers to increase you product sales.

Product validation made Easy

Shoppers can decorate with our Augmented reality feature and virtually validate the product in their desired environment before purchasing.

Chat with genie (chat-bot)

Shoppers can virtually chat with our dedicated chatbot - "Genie", and make product requests just like shopping in a real in-store shopping.

About LIVEb4buy


As the name indicates shoppers can "Look | Interact | Validate | Engage" the products in the store "before" then can "buy" the required products. "LIVEb4buy" comprises of 4 modules (packages) to help you increase product sales by extending your physical stores reach to online customers. Most importantly your Google Street View can be your Marketing cum Sales Improvement Tool, when you use LIVEb4buy. LIVEb4buy is free to install for store admin and takes 3-5 minutes to install, if you already have Google Street View of your Store.

Welcoming Google Street View stores to use LIVEb4buy today.

With LIVEb4buy you can:

*Do Visual Recommendation using OnePageEcommerce Shopping. *Automatically integrate your in-store shopping experience online.

LIVEb4buy enables your shoppers Impulsive Buy by bringing one page ecommerce application on your website or any social platform using our fully customizable widgets

The following 4 modules(packages) are carefully created based on the growing needs of shoppers and as an easy to shop solution

  1. Look - 360° Store view for OnePageECommerce on AnyDevice
  2. Effective solution for time constrained shoppers to make visual review of all products at one place, just like in in-store shopping.
  3. Interact - Immersive Shopping experience with VirtualReality Headsets
  4. With 10 M+ Google Cardboard's and Other 1 M+ Virtual Reality HMD's (Head Mounted Devices), LIVEb4buy enables kids and millennial's, your potential influencers, have their say, just like in in-store shopping.
  5. Validate - Virtually place Products on your physical environment using AugmentedReality
  6. With Billions of Smartphones, Millions of Tablets & Other devices, augmented reality will help your shoppers and their social influencers to validate and to enable the better buy decision.
  7. Augmented Reality Plus(AR+ / ARPlus) Module with Measurement and Placement of 2D Images using iOSARKit & AndroidARCore Placement.
  8. AR+ Module is Available for Any Visually Appealing Product Stores like Furniture Stores, Flower Store, Fashion & Clothing Stores, Jewelry and Toy Stores.
  9. Engage - Virtually engage yourself in a real-time shopping experience
  10. Customers can virtually chat with our dedicated chatbot - "Genie", and make product requests just like shopping in a real in-store shopping. And so much more!

Experience in-store shopping experience online with LIVEb4buy. Shop admins can install the application for free and experience the features with our 30 days trial period. Recurring charges are collected on a monthly basis based on the modules subscribed in LIVEb4buy app.

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Free to install

We provide 4 modules for variable needs, each costing $9.95.

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3.0 of 5 stars
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Love And Design

Ok I tried this but it requires an offline store to use as a template I think I'd love to have my products in a virtual store as well as the plain web one.