Sales Notifications pop up

Sales Notifications pop up

af Roger Wilco LLC

Recent Sales Notifications popup for urgency and social proof

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Build trust with sales pop ups

Sales notifications show visitors that your store is popular and trustworthy

Recent Sales Notifications

Increase your conversion rate with real time sales notifications (sales pop ups)

Sales popup for NEW stores

Generate sales notifications based on the items in stock. Even if there were no sales yet.

Om Sales Notifications pop up

The best advertisement for any online store is a crowd of happy people leaving with their purchases

Turn every customer into a brand advocate by showing off their recent purchases. Nothing creates more trust for a store than it’s popularity.

I could be the one who has that!

A feeling of seeing someone else buying the thing you want can entirely suppress any hesitation. Livebar is a simple notification popup at the bottom of the screen that creates such feeling.

One click install, easy to use

Install through Shopify, setup and forget.

Mobile ready

More and more people shop on the go. Livebar has got you covered with its seamless mobile experience.

Never annoying

Bumping into repeating notifications can be frustrating and ruin all that feeling of trust for the shop.

Livebar remembers all notifications seen by a customer and does not repeat them during their visit.



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  • 5 stores

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3.0 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Very easy to use and the support has been great, but not exactly what I was looking for in terms of how the sales notifications show up. The app can generate sales notifications when you have no sales, which is very helpful when you're just starting out, but they are not fully customizable, so you end up having the usual "Someone bought [the item] from [a place] sometime ago", which doesn't look professional nor real. I was looking for an app to allow me to fully customize the sale pop-ups, i.e., the name and the specific time reference, but no luck so far. ‍♀️