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Free live chat + 24/7 automated bot

Free live chat + 24/7 automated bot

Developed by Botego Inc.

Price: Free – $12.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Easy to use, multichannel live chat application for customer service success
  • Shortcuts, detailed analytics, chat history, custom interface and more
  • Mobile apps, one-click install, one-click login

Customer support shouldn't go to sleep!

Live chat 24/7 is customer service re-imagined. Easy-to-use dashboard for small and medium size businesses. Real-time notifications on your desktop, IOS or Android mobile apps.

Tools that improve customer experience

Answer frequently asked questions with one click, using shortcuts. Get detailed statistics about number of visitors, users and questions delivered to your inbox, daily, based on your timezone settings.

Fully customizable

Edit colors, images and text to match the look and feel of your website. Change your greeting, and all other messages to communicate with your visitors.

About Botego

Botego is the leading developer of language technologies with 7+ year experience within the field. Clients include Coca Cola, Johnson&Johnson, FOX and PepsiCO. We help companies save thousands of hours every month, and increase customer satisfaction. Our patent-pending natural language processing engine empowers ordinary applications.

Free live chat + 24/7 automated bot reviews (81)


Great app. Easy to use and looks nice, too. They provide timely and satisfactory customer support. Look no further.


Free Live chat is a good way to interact with your customers. When buying a product or services people are many times indecisive. Live chat gives clients the possibility to ask questions about the product and create a better customer experience.
Thanks to team botego for creating this excellent app.


This is a great app with great customer spt. No gimmicks. Happy.


I have used a few chatting apps before I came across Live chat + chatbot. The customization features of the button is especially useful in creating a seamless integration with my shop. I also love how the chat windows are easy to use and keeps track of customer emails. The mobile app proves to be extremely useful when I am on the go and allows me to connect with my customers with ease. Thanks for creating such a great live chat app!


Awesome app! Easy to use and very intuitive. One of the best customer service experiences! Ekim is very prompt with all of his responses and readily available to assist with any issues. This app and service has truly exceeded my expectations! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give it a try. You won't be disappointed!


Hands down, the best live chat for Shopify. I've been using the free version with another store and upgraded to premium for the new one. Love the shortcuts. There were some bugs with a couple months ago, but they fixed it and communicated the process perfectly. Definitely worth giving a try.


Awesome app. Recommended by a friend, and it exceeded my expectations. Using the mobile app every day. Great support, too. Highly recommended.


They quickly responded to my complaint below & offered me a free year of premium service. They have been very helpful and have been more than willing to correct this issue.... I appreciate it quite a bit.

While the app works (not sure on the robots) and customer service responded quickly, I was a bit disappointed when I logged in this morning and it started asking me if I wanted to pay. I had to 'downgrade' and then only be able to receive a limited amount of chats. This app is advertised as free & I went back through to see if I missed anything about a trial period, but it's not clearly stated anywhere I can find. I don't like these 'pay now' surprises. I downgraded and now I am limited on my chats- would just prefer this be upfront from the beginning.


After we received an email about a chat request from this service, we logged in and were informed that we needed to upgrade. Not only that, the information about the user was gone so basically we had no way of contacting this user back. Luckily we were able to track down the user's contact info through other means on our website. Bottom line, useless service just when we needed it. We switched to a different app that works tremendously better, does not require any payment whatsoever and that has ALL the premium features of so many other live chat apps.
We started getting emails from someone named Ekim Nazim Kaya who claims to be a founding partner in Botego Inc, says he is representing the company and asking why we left. We tried to give a complete answer and we also mentioned we moved on. We thought that by doing this we are being fair, as we gave them direct feedback so they can get better if they wish to do so. Then we received another email from the same person with the same request. We're too busy for this so did not respond on the 2nd one. Then a 3rd email. So now we responded asking him to stop sending us emails (there's no link to unsubscribe or anything like this). Our response email bounced back. So we forwarded our email to the email listed here (team@botego.com) and it also bounced back.
So here we are - writing a negative review on their product & service (way to go Ekim Nazim Kaya! You helped them a lot!).

A waste of our time.


I received the message on the app yesterday. I went to respond, only to be told that I was over my chat quota. I was caught completely unaware. Came here to find out that there were some updates of which I was not informed. Really not good for business - mine or the developers. I am looking for alternatives.

Free – $12.00 / month

Free for one agent and 100 chats per month, for life!

If you need unlimited agents, or unlimited chats, with priority support and white label (no branding) chat window, you pay only $9/month (paid annually) or $12/month (paid monthly), after a 14 day free trial.

14 days

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