LiveRecover SMS Cart Recovery

LiveRecover SMS Cart Recovery

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SMS Marketing + Text Message Abandoned Cart Recovery

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SMS Abandoned Cart Recovery

Our agents engage in real-time conversations with your customers who abandon their cart via text message. SMS marketing with humans

Human Powered Text Messages

We answer your customers questions, offer discounts, and inspire them to take action and complete their purchase.

SMS Marketing & Sales Experts

Why didn't they complete their purchase? The more you know about what your customers want, like, and dislike, the better you can serve them.

Über LiveRecover SMS Cart Recovery

LiveRecover powers 1000s of Shopify stores SMS marketing and cart recovery. Shopify SMS is the fastest growing sales channel. Text messaging customers upsells, abandoned cart messages and other content over SMS.

LiveRecover sends human-powered SMS marketing messages from your Shopify store to customers that abandoned cart and convert them into sales. Live SMS conversations with customers allow for upsell opportunities, answering support questions, and generating more sales via text message.

Retargeting your abandoned cart sales to provide live chat support via text message is crucial. Upsells, subscriptions, checkout, and cart recovery can all be utilized over SMS/text.

LiveRecover - Human-powered text message sales team

LiveRecover helps eCommerce stores recover abandoned carts over text message. There's a lot of Shopify apps that promise to help you recover abandoned carts. You'll pay a monthly fee to use those apps, and they'll get to work emailing your customers.

Sure, you might get some customers to come back and buy with emails, but text messages beat email conversion rates, straight up, every time.

You can't text all of your abandoned carts because, well, that just doesn't scale. And who has the time?

Instead, LiveRecover's human-powered sales team will text your customers that abandon cart for you, converting carts into sales. SMS marketing powered by humans.

The Human Touch That Brings Them Back

Most customers have no interest in receiving messages from automated bots. That's why LiveRecover makes use of both text messages and real conversations with real human beings.

Our sales team starts a conversation with your customers to reclaim their interest and get them back into their carts. We answer your customers' questions, offer discounts, and inspire them to take action and complete their purchase.

Gain Insights Into Your Customer Base

The more you know about what your customers want, like, and dislike, the better you can serve them. LiveRecover's interactive features help you gain insights into your customers even as you gain revenue that might otherwise be lost.

With every conversation, we gather valuable data that can inform every aspect of your online sales strategy. You'll get better and better at selling to your target market -- one conversation at a time.

LiveRecover SMS marketing tool has integrations with CartHook, One Click Upsell by Zipify aka OCU, Gorgias, ReCharge Subscription, Bold Subscription, and other sales, subscription, upsell and email apps.

Integriert mit

  • CartHook,
  • ReCharge,
  • bold subscription,
  • zipify,
  • OCU,
  • one click upsell



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Easy to set up, and you see results right away. We were nervous about having outside agents texting with our customers, but they give you a section where you can write notes and explain how to address common questions, and the agents generally do a good job referencing this and providing good info. There's A/B testing options and more data you can drill into if you want to explore types of offers. Definitely worth giving a try if you have been curious about SMS abandoned carts!

Fervor Montreal

I was charged while still on a free trial. After emailing customer service (Cody) several times I have not received any response regarding my refund. ***Updated Review Dennis did reach out to me and was able to sort out the refund. I still feel there should be some transparency with the trial period and charges upon activating the account.

Antwort des Entwicklers

27. April 2021

We do apologize that there was confusion in understanding our risk-free trial. We did refund you 100% even after you added a paid plan and had recovered sales. Hopefully, we can meet your expectations in the future.

The Meatery

Really helpful. They recovered sales intelligently. My customers know they’re talking to a real person and not a bot.