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LiveSearch by ExpressPixel

LiveSearch by ExpressPixel

Developed by ExpressPixel

Price: Free – $49.00 / month More info
  • Shoppers find your products as they type
  • Stop loosing orders because of typos & mixed word order searches
  • Make sure the most relevent products appear first in the search results

Why use livesear.ch?

Super fast search (powered by Algolia)

Provide your customers and potential customers the joy of real-time search results as they type. Your users expect the fastest access to what they’re looking for. Faster searches mean users find the item faster without being frustrated. Conversion rates are likely to improve.

Handles typos & mixed word order searches

We try to stop you from loosing customers because they've made a typo and couldn't find their product e.g. searching for "backpck", "backpak", "backpak" instead of "backpack". Or maybe they've mixed up the order of words e.g. "backpack red" instead of "backpack".

Ranks results based on relevance

We rank results by closest match to your product title followed by the description of your product. We also scan your orders to automatically rank your products based on the number of times they are ordered

Learns from your previous searches

We take into account the most popular products that were searched for and increase their relevance in the results.


Your search pages works on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles so you're always sure to reach every customer possible.

Easy install

It's an easy install, no separate login or anything. Simply install the App and you are ready to go.

We believe in providing the best user search experience for your users. Our shopify Addon delivers instant and relevant results from the very first first keystroke.

We help you set-up, customize your design

If you have trouble setting up your search or if you need a custom design just let us know.

Livsear.ch - powered by Algolia

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Free – $49.00 / month

Monthly prices:

Free for 3,000 products and 100,000 searches
$49 for 30,000 products and 1 million searches

More details here: http://shopify.livesear.ch/#pricing

90¢ / 300 additional products
60¢ / 10,000 additional searches

Requires an Algolia account (Free for 3000 products)

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