Shopify Local Delivery

Shopify Local Delivery

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Get more out of local delivery and share optimized routes

Efficiently organize routes

After setting up local delivery in your store settings, use the app to deliver orders. Delivery routes are optimized to minimize time spent.

Stay connected with customers

Send automated updates to your customers directly from the app to let them know when their order is on the way and is delivered.

Streamline deliveries

Drivers can quickly access directions using their default map app and update delivery statuses on the go.

Shopify Local Deliveryの詳細情報

Before adding the app, set up local delivery in your settings.

This app is an add-on for businesses offering local delivery at checkout. Local delivery can be enabled for a location in your shipping and delivery settings. During this step, you can define your delivery area and price. Customers in your delivery area can then select local delivery at checkout.

Manage local delivery orders in one place

The Shopify Local Delivery app helps you manage deliveries with optimized routes, automated notifications, and order status updates. Deliver to customers nearby with shareable delivery lists.

To use the app, set up local delivery in your Shopify admin settings. Once local delivery is enabled for your location, you can define your delivery area and price. Customers in your delivery area can then select local delivery at checkout.

Once you’re ready to deliver your orders, the app offers tools that drivers need to efficiently deliver orders. As deliveries are completed, upcoming stops will be moved to the top of the list.

Efficiently plan your routes

Create delivery lists that can be shared with drivers who have access to your store’s admin. Stops can be manually organized in your desired order, or you can use the automated route optimization feature. The optimization feature suggests the most time-efficient route for up to 100 stops (including the starting and ending location). This feature is powered by Google maps, and directions for each stop can be opened in your default map application.

Stay in touch with your customers

View special delivery instructions that customers requested at checkout, and call or text customers at the touch of a button.

Customers will receive an automated email or SMS notification when their order is on the way, has been delivered, or when they miss a delivery. Notifications are triggered from the app when an order’s delivery status is updated, and can be customized in your Shopify admin settings.

Keep track of delivery progress

As drivers update order statuses in the app, changes will be reflected on the orders page of your Shopify admin. You’ll know when a delivery is in progress and when orders have been delivered.



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Wispy Greens

Well, I really liked the app and I'd loooove to use it but unfortunately it does not work for any items that are subscriptions, I cant think of a good reason why but there you go. Even if one single item in your cart is a subscription item and the rest aren't it still will not work. So farm CSA's, recurring orders etc are out of luck.

Holy Raw

I personally love this app. I recently switched from another website hosting provider to shopify and shopify offers a lot of tools, support and resources to help make your order fulfilment smooth and organize. Highly Recommend this app if you offer local delivery.

PioMu de Moda

The app looks good and is easy to set up. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work for Puerto Rico addresses. I contacted support but they didn't seem willing to escalate to the dev team. Will be checking for future updates!