Sell products to millions of travelers in travel shop mode

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Reach new high value customers

Sell your products directly to millions of travelers shopping now for upcoming trips

List your entire inventory

Easily sync your entire product catalog to Emadri's marketplace

Increase sales

Shopify merchants are reaching Emadri's high value customers who are buying now, driving sales and have a lot of disposable income

Emadri 정보

About Emadri:

Sell in Emadri's marketplace and get discovered by millions of high value travelers actively shopping!

The Emadri Sales Channel was built to help Shopify merchants reach new high value customers and grow their businesses. By installing the sales channel, you are applying to sell your products directly on Emadri, so that millions of active shoppers can discover and buy your products with a tap.

What is Emadri

Emadri (“eh-mah-dree”) is a travel marketplace that works with travel companies to provide products their millions of travelers need for their trips all in one place after they have booked the trips and are now shopping for the trip. For travel shoppers in "spend mode", it’s a way to discover and buy products from stores both big and small. For merchants, Emadri is a place to market and sell your products to millions of high value customers who want to spend money and have a great trip.

How Does the Emadri Sales Channel Work?

  • Installing the Emadri Sales Channel places your store on the waitlist to sell in Emadri's marketplace
  • While your application is under review, Emadri syncs with your Shopify inventory to automatically import your products to Emadri
  • If your application is accepted, your store will be notified and your products will be made available for direct purchase in Emadri's marketplace
  • Any order placed on Emadri is sent straight to your Shopify dashboard to be fulfilled

What Else Do Sellers in Emadri's Marketplace Need to Know?

  • All stores are subject to approval at Emadri's sole discretion.
  • Orders placed on Emadri must be shipped within 5 days and tracking numbers are required, as travel shopping is time sensitive.
  • Your store’s email address, location and policies for shipping, returns and exchanges must be visible on your website
  • We currently only accept merchants who can ship products from North America or Europe.
  • Emadri is integrated with Stripe to process payments securely.
  • At this time, to provide the best customer experience, allowing shoppers to purchase from multiple stores in a single cart, we require merchants to provide a promo code for free shipping. Merchants can specify a minimum order value.
  • Emadri does not process refunds.

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I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for my inventory to upload. App support is non-existent. A complete waste of time.


Emadri has helped grow our sales by getting our products in front of new customers that never would have known about our store! The orders come through on Shopify the same way all of our other online orders do and was very easy and seamless. Very simple set up and great to have the additional sales!

Triple AAA Fashion Collection

Triple AAA Fashion Collection It's been more than 48 hours since we add this channel to our store. I am not sure why we are waiting so long to get approved and no support made any contact with us since.