Location Redirect

Location Redirect

da Unicorn Global

Easily redirect customers to the right store for their area

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Accurately detect your customers geographic location


Send them to the correct store for their region seamlessly and without hassle


So that you can focus on the most important thing: sales!

Sobre Location Redirect

Location Redirect by Unicorn Global

Are you selling products in multiple countries? Do you have various site for different countries? Send your customers to their local stores with our easy to use and effective Location Redirect. Get your customer to the right site, decrease fraudulent transactions, limit expensive chargebacks, and save on shipping and duty costs.

We know that customers are more inclined to purchase from country-specific stores - providing a localised experience increases trust and provides your visitors with the confidence they need to complete their purchase with you.

If you have multiple stores in different countries and want to get your customers through the right door without delay then this is the app for you.

Unique Instant Loading Technique

Location Redirect uses no 3rd party code and will not slow down your store or make your visitors confirm or wait for their redirection to happen.


This app adds less than 250 bytes to your store, many times smaller and faster than our competitors, which means your redirections happen instantly.

Quick Setup

Simply add the countries you wish to redirect through our user-friendly interface, configure the redirection URL and it is done. Set and forget - country redirection has never been easier.

Easy To Configure

No complicated rules or messing around with things like IP addresses or ISO codes - we handle that all for you.

Powerful Anti-Spoofing Technology

Our unique location detection technology adds an additional layer of protection and ensures that visitors cannot fake their location using classic evasion techniques like HTTP Header spoofing or proxies.

Conversion Focused

Send your customers to the correct store immediately - no need for them to bother with annoying pop ups or frustrating user experiences.

Pro Features

  • Super Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Elegant Design
  • Responsive
  • One Click Install
  • Easy to Disable
  • Instant Redirects
  • Anti-Spoofing Technology
  • Supports All Countries
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • No Bloated Frameworks
  • Clean Uninstallation Process
  • Secure
  • Compliant
  • Works with ALL Themes
  • No Coding Required
  • Free Support
  • And more!

Plus Features

  • All Pro Features
  • URL Whitelisting
  • Priority Support

About Us

Unicorn Global is a professional software development company offering creative and unique services - you can rest easy knowing that there is a dedicated team available to resolve any issues you may experience with the app.

Our team always wants to hear from you, so let us know your feedback! It helps us focus on the thing we care about most: the users’ experience.

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  • Unlimited Countries
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • Free 5 Day Trial



  • Unlimited Countries
  • Unlimited Redirects
  • URL Whitelisting
  • Priority Support

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