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15. September 2023

DONT USE THIS APP!!!!! Be careful if you decide to DELETE it one day. My website was down for 3 days, and I couldn't detect the problem until Shopify detected that when I deleted this APP, was the problem that stopped my entire website!!

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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Lightward hat geantwortet 17. September 2023

Thanks for letting us know how uninstalling Locksmith went for you! It sounds like Locksmith wasn't fully uninstalled, and was deleted from your apps list before running the removal process to ensure none of Locksmith's code is left in your theme. We disclose that it's critical to disable Locksmith before deleting it off your Shopify apps list in our usage agreement upon installation, which can also be found here:


It looks like you wrote in and one of my teammates took care of helping you remove any leftover Locksmith code from your theme, so you should be good to go. If anything else comes up that we can help with, please be sure to write back in. :)


4. September 2023

Was charged for this app even after it’s been uninstalled

9 monate mit der App
Lightward hat geantwortet 5. September 2023

I'm sorry you were charged unexpectedly for Locksmith! No one likes that type of surprise, and we’re always available at team@uselocksmith.com to sort out any billing issues and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your bill.

If you write in, we’re happy to refund you for the days you did not use Locksmith. It looks like Locksmith was most recently installed, then several locks were created and/or updated, and after 15 days, Locksmith was uninstalled. Since this is not the first time Locksmith has been used for this store, you no longer have a free trial and a paid subscription was started on the last installation.

Locksmith follows Shopify’s recurring monthly app subscription model, and we do not have yearly or usage-based subscriptions. You are invoiced every 30 days for your Shopify app subscription, and you pay in advance for the following 30 days. Just in case you're curious about the Shopify app billing cycle, I've linked more about it below from Shopify's website:


So, canceling your active subscription during a billing cycle means that you’ll still see an app charge when that billing cycle ends and you receive that month’s invoice. If anyone ever has an issue with this, where a subscription is canceled near the beginning or middle of a billing cycle and you see a charge for Locksmith, we’re happy to refund or prorate a refund for the days Locksmith was not used. We’re always happy to help out with any issues with billing at team@uselocksmith.com :)


25. April 2023

Doesn't work
Tried to create a lock on a page with a passcode - a very simple setup. Nothing. Didn't work. Not a good UX.

My Magic Carpet | Washable Rugs
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12 minuten mit der App
Lightward hat geantwortet 25. April 2023


I'm sorry you encountered an issue when trying out the passcode key. I saw your email, and replied, about 30 minutes after it came in (20 minutes after this review), but by that time Locksmith had been removed.

A lock not working is exceedingly rare, and is generally something which can be fixed. That's why we have our 15 day trial period: We want to make sure you have time to test things and work out any potential conflicts in the theme, or with other apps, before you have to pay for Locksmith.

It's also important to note that passcode keys will remember you in the browser when you enter the code, and it may seem like they aren't locked at all. If that seems like it might be the issue, using a new private browsing session will show you what a new visitors sees.

I can't diagnose what happened at the moment, since Locksmith has been removed from your store. But, feel free to reach out if you'd like to try again. We're here for you, and I'm sure we can get things working. :)

All the best,


12. März 2018

horrible web site the worst in the world. Very difficult.

Ciao Milano Wholesale
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11. Juni 2020

Fantastic app but the support is absolutely poor. If you're savvy with Shopify and can manage to work the app out on your own, it will definitely do the trick. As soon as you have an issue, though, you're stuffed.

Stationery R Us
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Lightward hat geantwortet 12. Juni 2020

Support is something we work hard at, and do really well with – keep reading our reviews. "Extremely helpful", "responsive", "the team at Locksmith are beyond helpful, beyond wonderful". We are consistent with what we bring to the table. Every so often, the wires get crossed. In this case, they got massively crossed. Our support, offered in good faith and positive intent, was labeled "disgusting" and "disappointing", and we were interpreted as "disinterested". If someone holds this perspective, I *understand* why they'd feel stuffed. No one wants to feel unheard and un-aided, and I'm sorry that's the impression that was struck. The intent, as always, is to help. ❤️

To the reviewer: I'm sorry this went this way. We work hard to enable, which is why we generally don't reconfigure things *for* our users – instead, we send along screenshots and instructions, illustrating what could happen next. I understand the instructions you received weren't enough. You weren't kind about letting us know that. I'm glad you got it figured out (thanks for letting us know that you did); if you need help in the future, we'll be here.

30. November 2021

Avoid this app at all costs. We set it up and unfortunately it did not meet our needs. We disabled the app per their instructions and then deleted it. On our busiest shopping day of the year their app was still holding our collections hostage and I had to pay for a subscription to go in and shut it down. Beyond disappointed.

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Lightward hat geantwortet 8. Dezember 2021


I'm very sorry for the hassle you experienced here. I'm not 100% sure how things transpired, but according to our records this store didn't have an active subscription at the time, and the trial period ran out more than 10 days before. Locksmith would have been suspended at that point, and so your keys wouldn't work to open any locks.

Locksmith does have an uninstall process to remove its code from your theme, and that can be initiated by disabling the app on the settings page, or by clicking the Remove Locksmith button on the Help page. No subscription is required for these actions, but Locksmith does need to be authorized to complete them.

We definitely don't want to cause your store issues in this way, but we do aim to make sure we don't surprise you by opening up all of your locked content in any situation. We want to you know, 100%, that your locked areas are being opened up to the public. That's why the locks stay locked until you disable them.

Again, I know that situation wasn't ideal, to say the least, and I'm sorry for the confusion and issue.

Looking into your account, I do see that you still have an active subscription to Locksmith. I can't cancel that for you, but you can do that by removing the app from your Apps list. At the time of this writing, you have no locks in place, and so Locksmith has no code in your theme, so it's safe to do so.

If/when you do, be sure to send us a message and we'll issue a refund for that charge. We're here at team@uselocksmith.com, so just let us know. ❤️

Best regards,


17. Juli 2016

Not very impressed. I had this app installed in order to lock my wholesale section. It worked at first, then locked all my sections. Fixed it, then it happened again. So basically I am losing sales because my whole site has again been locked.

Emailed yesterday at 6:00 and have still not heard back.

Kiss Naturals
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9 monate mit der App
27. Januar 2021

Appalling support. Must of sent over 5 emails still no reply. Really frustrating. Can someone get back to us?

Cali Tiger
3 monate mit der App
Lightward hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2021

Hey there! ❤️ We reply to everything we receive, and – doing some digging into our team mailbox – we've received three messages from you this month, all of which we've replied to, all well within our 24hr response time cap. We've also emailed you directly (in a new email thread – look for an email with the subject "Locksmith App for Shopify"), to see if we can get through to you this way.

Not getting responses is not great, and I get that. Please know that it's not for lack of effort – every time you try to reach us, we're trying to get back to you. :)

If you're still not getting our replies, please consider writing in from another email address, perhaps outside of your store's domain. We're here to help. ❤️

All the best,


19. September 2019

they offer 14 days free trial after install i shown message from app for select plan and immediately 9 dollars deducted from my card, Fraud appp never use to lost your money, still didnt get help from support team i contacted many times.

worst ever app

2 monate mit der App
12. Dezember 2019

I've not actually used the app but the pricing structure is rediculous, why should customers on higher shopify plans be penalised?

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Etwa ein monat mit der App
Lightward hat geantwortet 14. Januar 2020

Hey there! We could have communicated our pricing policy better at the time; thanks for letting me know how you feel about it. I've updated our listing to be clearer. For the record: our pricing is a conversation, and we start with a suggested price that's based on what you pay for Shopify. Different merchants get very different value from the product, and because that value is impossible to fully predict, we begin with that estimate. If that price doesn't work for you, we ask you to let us know what price *does* feel good for you – and we proceed from there, letting you know what works for us, until we reach a price that works for us both. You can find the whole policy at uselocksmith.com/pricing.