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19 de septiembre de 2023

Just recently added the app! Tristan was AMAZING!! Helped me from beginning to end. Praying the app is just as amazing as Tristan!! So far so good!

Vantoria Essentials, LLC
Estados Unidos
13 días usando la aplicación
12 de junio de 2023

Works as we needed it to quickly and easily. Customer service is brilliant too, very much appreciated! I would recommend this app 100%

UK Vape Supply LTD - Wholesale
Reino Unido
11 días usando la aplicación
4 de septiembre de 2023

Was charged for this app even after it’s been uninstalled

9 meses usando la aplicación
Lightward respondió 5 de septiembre de 2023

I'm sorry you were charged unexpectedly for Locksmith! No one likes that type of surprise, and we’re always available at team@uselocksmith.com to sort out any billing issues and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your bill.

If you write in, we’re happy to refund you for the days you did not use Locksmith. It looks like Locksmith was most recently installed, then several locks were created and/or updated, and after 15 days, Locksmith was uninstalled. Since this is not the first time Locksmith has been used for this store, you no longer have a free trial and a paid subscription was started on the last installation.

Locksmith follows Shopify’s recurring monthly app subscription model, and we do not have yearly or usage-based subscriptions. You are invoiced every 30 days for your Shopify app subscription, and you pay in advance for the following 30 days. Just in case you're curious about the Shopify app billing cycle, I've linked more about it below from Shopify's website:


So, canceling your active subscription during a billing cycle means that you’ll still see an app charge when that billing cycle ends and you receive that month’s invoice. If anyone ever has an issue with this, where a subscription is canceled near the beginning or middle of a billing cycle and you see a charge for Locksmith, we’re happy to refund or prorate a refund for the days Locksmith was not used. We’re always happy to help out with any issues with billing at team@uselocksmith.com :)


21 de junio de 2023

Highly recommend this app! Helpdesk (specifically Tristan) is the best! We made a final decision to subscribe to Locksmith thanks to Tristan's outstanding customer service!

LING Skincare
Estados Unidos
7 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 25 de febrero de 2018

Locksmith is by far one of the greatest apps created! It puts you in control of what you want your audience to access (the public, your prospects, your customers, and your clients). They see the appropriate content on an individual basis. In our case, we have three groups we market to, and it allows us to keep everyone sorted out on one website.

The app is easy to use, and works well with the others we have. When we need help, we simply reach out for support. We love Isaac, Ken, and Jed for all the help and understanding they have provided. It's going on two years and the Locksmith app has only gotten better with new features. Wish they had more apps because of their optimal functionality, service, and value.

We are so glad we came across Locksmith. We are not sure where we would be without it. Thank you Isaac! You are the best, and we love Locksmith :)

In Music Merch
Estados Unidos
Más de 7 años usando la aplicación
5 de agosto de 2016

Great App & Great Customer Service!
Very powerful app - especially in combination with some custom liquid work. We need to show or lock different content depending on customer tag, login, IP range, etc. and Locksmith handles this with ease. Furthermore, Isaac was super friendly and helped me with some customization in order to get the required results. Highly recommended!

Más de 7 años usando la aplicación
26 de febrero de 2018

We use Locksmith to password protect an "employees only" collection and it works like a charm.

Clair Used Gear
Estados Unidos
Más de 7 años usando la aplicación
5 de marzo de 2018

I really like this solution in terms of what it does and the ease of use. I used it to to only allow wholesale customers to access our wholesale website and also to give access to different collections for different sets of wholesale customers. My inspiration to use this plugin came from this article https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/85596038-how-to-design-a-wholesale-solution-for-an-ecommerce-store

Idh Wholesale
Reino Unido
Más de 7 años usando la aplicación
2 de octubre de 2015

This is a great app! Isaac was so helpful and was willing to go above and beyond to help when we needed him!

Estados Unidos
Casi 7 años usando la aplicación
30 de noviembre de 2018

I used this app to set up wholesale products and collections that I did not want retail customers to see. It worked beautifully! Additionally, this app allows the use of negative locks. I used this feature to block wholesale customers from seeing standard retail products.

Because of how the app is made, all this took just a few minutes. Additionally, the support available is great! I have only needed to reach out once or twice, but I always got a quick and friendly response.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to control access and visibility on their store!

Address America
Estados Unidos
Más de 6 años usando la aplicación