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2020년 12월 23일

Locksmith is a really good app and I do like using it.
My one complaint is hiding the product prices. I wish it was easier and I didn't need to manually put the coding in.

HTX Heat Transfer Vinyl
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답글 Lightward개 2021년 1월 6일

This is something that we can help with – just write in to team@uselocksmith.com, and we'll get you squared away. If you're comfortable with Liquid, we've got the documentation ready for you (https://docs.uselocksmith.com/article/207-manual-mode); for everyone else, we're here to lend a hand. :)



2021년 12월 8일

Need to update the app every time we load a new lock to make it work correctly. Otherwise, does the job.

The Eighth State Brewing Company
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2020년 10월 30일에 편집됨

EDIT TO PREVIOUS REVIEW. The developer has come back to me, explained their pricing structure. A heads up that if you want to pay what you feel comfortable with, you have to email, there's no option to click on it. I am hoping that as we use this, our trust in Locksmith after a rocky start will come back and there will be no more blips in the system. -----------
We came to the end of the trial and told that i'd need to pay $99/ month. i only use this for one customer but because i have the advanced shopify plan it means i don't get to pay the $9/month, instead it's $99. I don't understand the jump in price. I emailed support but my whole website was shut down because locksmith wasn't being paid. i started getting emails and calls from customers as to why they couldn't order. i have never had an app stop all trade on my website. I have now paid the additional money because i couldn't afford to wait for support to reply to me. i dont know how many orders i could have lost out on.

Mademoiselle Macaron
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답글 Lightward개 2020년 10월 27일

❤️ There are two important pieces here, from our end.

First: our pricing policy is "pay what feels good". We work really hard, in many places, to communicate this. The wires were crossed, and that message never came through. If someone's paying for Locksmith, the intent is for it to always be a number that all parties genuinely feel good about. The $99/mo figure, as documented in the "Pricing" section of our app store listing, is a suggestion based on the store's Shopify plan. But it is a suggestion only, and per the policy (lightward.com/pricing), we're always here for that what-price-feels-good conversation.

Second: this situation revealed a bug, in which some suspended Locksmith accounts had their entire storefront frozen instead of *just* the content that had been locked. We send out multiple heads-up-your-trial-is-ending emails, and automatically give a 5-day grace period before suspending accounts – but when accounts *are* suspended, the intent is to *only* suspend access to the content that was locked. We absolutely never intended to lock your entire storefront. That's a huge error, for which I just pushed out a fix. It won't happen again.

To the reviewer, personally: I absolutely understand the frustration of having a service yanked out from under you, and of having to pay an unexpectedly high amount just to restore that service. That kind of situation is absurd; I get it. Please know that this experience is the actual opposite of what we've worked hard to create. ❤️ Thank you for letting us know how this went for you; your experience here matters a ton to me. If you want to keep using Locksmith, we're here, to establish a new price that *does* feel good to you, and also to make sure that the erroneous locking of your storefront *cannot* happen again.

All the very best,


2022년 2월 27일

This app worked well initially but then began to glitch when integrated with another app therefore I had to uninstall it. I would have considered a higher rating but I am still being charged although I uninstalled the app.

Sharp Tact Kreativ | Tees & Gifts with Encouraging Messages to Brighten Your Day with a Bit of Wit
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답글 Lightward개 2022년 3월 22일

Oh my gosh, I'm SO sorry we missed this review at the time. We will *always* do the right thing in cases like this – just let us know! The charge you received is a part of Shopify's billing process: if you start a paid subscription (which is not necessary within the first 15 days!), Shopify will process a charge on your next bill even if you remove the app early on in the billing period. That's not something we *can* control, but we *can* help afterwards, with a refund or whatever's appropriate, if you just let us know. :) We're always, always available at team@uselocksmith.com – and I'll make sure that we get this sorted with you via email right after this. Thanks for letting us know! ❤️

About the glitch with the other app: we have *some* documentation about this sort of thing at https://docs.uselocksmith.com/article/497-compatibility-with-other-apps. In other cases, we can often help – and even if we can't, we'll work hard to get you set up well no matter what. :) We're always here via email, whenever you ask.

Wishing you all the very best,


2021년 8월 30일에 편집됨

This app is confusing and frustrating. I can't set it up correctly, I've tried several settings and nothing works.

The Pink Ivy Store
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답글 Lightward개 2021년 8월 31일

❤️ I know that feeling – thanks for letting us know. :) We're here for you. I do see an email thread open for you, so you've already made the right first step by writing in! Let us know in that thread what you're looking to accomplish, with as many specifics as you can, and our team will help you out.

To getting this solved together,