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27 mars 2023

Terrible customer support. I uninstalled the app 7 hours ago and the apps is still functioning on my site (even though I uninstalled it). As a results users are unable to access my site. 7 hours after I contacted the app support nobody came back to me, so basically I wasted the whole working day with users not being able to access my site just because the app can´t be uninstalled and the support team is not coming back to me whatsoever regarding this issue. Even Shopify support was not able to help on this one and told me that basically, I depend on the B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price dev team to solve this issue, which seems to be a ghost team.

3 dagar användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 29 mars 2023

We are so sorry for the delay as we are in a different time zone (GMT+7) and you contacted us in the evening of ours. On behalf of the team, we are so sorry for your experience.

We sincerely appreciate you letting us know about the problem you encountered. We guessed that you removed the app from your app list without disabling the app code on your theme (We attached the document in the app already: https://wiki.bsscommerce.com/docs/spf-b2b-login-access-management-app/general/uninstall-the-app-properly-without-leftover-code/). This experience is in no way what we've intended. Again, we're really sorry.

To make this up to you, we'll access your theme and remove all the leftover code. Also, our agents will keep you updated shortly.

Should anything else arise, please reach out to us at sales@bsscommerce.com and our agents will be right there.

Many thanks for your patience.

8 mars 2023

Very unhelpful that you can't test any options of the app except when you pay first.
What app makes you pay before you can try it, what happened to even a couple of days free trial?

the app didn't work for me and little uninstalled it 5min later after testing the function and still got charged.

If you would have trust in your product you would not operate like this.

14 minuter användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 8 mars 2023

So sorry for the inconvenience that you were facing. However, on our pricing plan, we do mention that 14-day free trial is available on the Premium Plan (screenshot: https://prnt.sc/Iz1558tJE25x).

Also, every theme has its own structure and every site has its own 3rd-party apps installed so sometimes code is just not placed into the correct files. If the app wasn't working right away, you can for sure contact us and we will help you with all the setup.

Hopefully, you can reinstall the app and revise your review. Appreciate a lot!

11 maj 2023

The supposed 14-day trial does not let you test any function of the application, we cannot know if it is what we need, do not waste your time, it is not good.

23 minuter användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 12 maj 2023

This is Jonas from BSS Commerce. So sorry for the inconvenience that you were facing while trying our app.

However, this seems to be a misunderstanding. Our B2B Login app does have a Free Plan which only provides you access to our Force Login function. Additionally, every plan in our app includes specific functionalities and you can only access if you subscribe for the correct one.

I'm not sure if you have already checked our Pricing Plan section within our app but all are written very clearly there. For example, we have Free Plan, Pro Plan, Plus Plan, Platinum Plan and Premium Plan.
- If you don't subscribe for anything, you have access to all functionalities within Free Plan
- If you subscribe for the Pro Plan, you have access to all functionalities within Free and Pro Plan
- The same to other plans
- And if you subscribe for the Premium Plan, you have access to all app features.

With Pro, Plus, Platinum and Premium, we all provide 14-day free trial once on whatever plan you choose.

Hopefully, you can reinstall the app, let us help you with all the setup and eventually revise this misunderstanding. Kindly drop us an email at sales@bsscommerce.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

8 juli 2023

Would have used the app but the features I needed are 'pro' and the 'upgrade to pro' button is non-responsive.

Nation Athletics Bjj
17 minuter användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 10 juli 2023

Hi there, this is Jonas - Customer Support Leader from BSS Commerce.

On behalf of our team, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience that you faced with our app. Our team has right away fixed the issue and things are back on now.

Such a pity that we missed our opportunity to assist you in using our app. I'm not sure if you have already found another solution that fits your needs yet but any other chance you want to tryout our app, we will be right there.

Hopefully, we can support you much further and help you make use of our app features. You can always contact us at sales@bsscommerce.com or drop us a message on our Live Chat.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

22 april 2022

I read 24/7 support, but that's not the case. I just downloaded the app, and emails from created accounts are not coming through, which means the app is useless to me. I subscribed to the app, and I need it operational tomorrow - Saturday. It's Friday afternoon, and support is gone for the day and won't return until Monday.

Level Up Experience
28 minuter användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 26 april 2022

From BSS Commerce Team.

Kindly accept our sincere apology for your experience and please sympathize for us during the weekend.

Emma from our team contacted you shortly on Saturday to further check it.

Hope you can give us another chance and work with us to solve the problem.

Thank you.

12 februari 2022

Hide price and add to cart does not work. When you add rule it hides everything from the product page or collections. Not user friendly at all.

27 minuter användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 15 februari 2022

From BSS Commerce:

So sorry for hearing about your problem. Normally, the errors are caused by theme incompatibility and we can fix it quickly.

Our team has tried to reach back to you from sales@bsscommerce.com. Kindly check and reply to us.

Thank you and sorry again for the inconvenience.

25 augusti 2021

took money from me after uninstalled, now need to file a chargeback.
Far to quick to take payment used it for less than 20 minutes and didnt meet my needs

Lizosoft B2B
14 minuter användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 25 augusti 2021


We're sorry for your inconvenience.

Can you contact us at sales@bsscommerce.com to further discuss your problem so that we can help?

We're all ears and hope you give our team to chance to fix your bad experience.

Thank you.

Redigerat 10 mars 2021

These guys are trying to charge $50/month for the most essential features - not a good way to build your customer base if you ask me. Reply To Developer: You guys are absolute price gouging small businesses, entrepreneurs, and people just starting out by holding the most essential features at an insane amount per month - especially in the time of covid where people have lost their jobs and are continually trying to find new avenues to provide for their families, what you guys do by holding out the features that people need behind a $600/year paywall is despicable.

Nasa Depot
En minut användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 10 mars 2021

Hi, I'm Steph from BSS Commerce.
Sorry if you are not satisfied with our pricing plans. However, it would be not fair for us that you installed the app for one minute and left a bad review for its prices without trying to find out how advanced it is.
Honestly, the whole team has been ready to work days and nights to improve the app, introduce new features, and give advice for customers. Thus, hope you give us another chance to understand your problem and help.
I'm always available at sales@bsscommerce.com or in Live Chat.
Hope to hear from you.

21 augusti 2020

I think this app is messing up my website, I can only see one item in a collection I created. Need help please contact me!!!

Missy Ave.
40 minuter användning av appen
BSS Commerce svarade 21 augusti 2020

First off, sorry for any inconvenience caused. We are sorry to hear about your experience with our app. Secondly, we promise to fix all professionally.
I've sent you an email. Please kindly check it and give us a chance to further discuss the problem and help.
Thank you.