B2B Login to Access Pages

B2B Login to Access Pages

da BSS Commerce

Lock Wholesale, Secret/Password, B2B Login, Hide Price/Product

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B2B Wholesale members-only

For B2B business or privacy purpose, you want to grant page access to members only. Then, it is natural to require visitors to login first.

Control Visibility & Prices

Lock all of the website from non-logged-in users but certain pages. Login to see Prices for specific customer tags

Increase User Signup

If customers have not had registered accounts, they are likely to create new ones. You can DISABLE CUSTOMER REGISTRATION easily with a click

Su B2B Login to Access Pages

[NEWLY UPDATED] 03/11/2020 Big Updates:

  • Hidden Products from non-targeted Customers Tags
  • Secret Links only those with the link with the token(s)
  • Import Multiple Passcodes
  • B2B Verify Customers
  • B2B Login To See Prices
  • We now offer FREE TRIALS for 4-days for Premium Plan

Check our DEMO SITE to see in the cases meet your requirements

Login to Access Pages & Prices is right at your fingertips to lock, restrict private pages from non-targeted customers, especially when your website is for Wholesale B2B or members only.

Fortunately, we offer 5 options to meet your demands, from basic to advanced.

FREE FOREVER: Simple but needed to lock specific page types in 1 min - FAST, EASY & FREE

  • Restrict access under Customer Login Page or Custom Content (with links)
  • Restrict all visitors
  • Multi-select to lock All Pages, Products, Collections, Home Page, Cart Page, Blog and Articles, Search Page, and Custom Pages.
  • Redirect users after login to guarantee their streamlined experience.

PRO Access Management: Multiple Accessibility Rules for Specific Pages | Password Protected Pages, etc.

  • Restrict specific collections, products, URLs
  • Restrict products from collections, product tags
  • Show Password Protected Page
  • Create multiple accessibility rules: Restrict with Custom Message, Customer Login Page, Passcodes.
  • Define a specific restricted time period and priority

PLUS Access Management: Essentials for B2B/Wholesale business (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

  • Lock specific pages based on Customer Tags.
  • Disable the "Create an Account" function or Registration Form.
  • Show message when visitors access the registration page
  • Multiple Passcodes
  • Allow passcodes for specific customer tags
  • Import Passcodes through a CSV file

PLATINUM Access Management: Struggle in finding solutions for Hiding Prices for specific customers/customers tags?

  • Hide prices for customer tags
  • Hide Add to Cart button on specific products
  • Login to See Price
  • Or, show prices and hide Add to Cart as your demands: quote submit, non-available products.
  • FREE Integration and Compatible with other apps

PREMIUM Hidden Products management: Do you want to hide specific products from non-targeted customers?

  • Hide products from any pages, search,...
  • Hide collections
  • Secret store
  • Allow customers' tags to view hidden products
  • Secret Links: Products won't appear, customers have access through a secret link by Admin

In sum, our Login to View & Access Pages app is recommended for memberships or members only, wholesale and B2B login, VIP access.

Then, your private content is protected - SAFE & SOUND. No private information stored on our servers about your store If you have any questions, feel free to contact us sales@bsscommerce.com

Enjoy the app now!

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Free Plan


  • Restrict access under Customer Login Page or Custom Content

  • Restrict all visitors

  • Multi-select to lock Page Types

  • Redirect users after login

Pro Plan


  • Restrict Specific Collections, Products, URLs

  • Show Password Protected Page

  • Create multiple accessibility rules

  • Define a specific time period



  • All PRO, and:

  • Lock pages based on customer tags

  • B2B Verify Customers

  • Disable the "Create an Account" function

  • Multiple passcodes in CSV



  • Plus Plan, and:

  • Hide Price per product

  • Hide Price per customer's tags

  • Hide add to cart button

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD. Le spese ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

4.7 stelle su 5

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Design Like Whoa

I used this app to help us with private B2B landing pages. I wasn't sure exactly what I needed from the app but their super convenient chat box saved the day! They are very timely with their responses and included thorough answers to my questions which included screenshots and consistent updates as to the status of my requests. Wonderful customer service and a useful app!


Fantastic service and support
Not used the app fully yet but the support is second to none and all questions on set up were dealt with quickly and effectively

L'Oreal Professionel

App works perfectly with the theme, few tweaks to the and we're good to go. Good customer service...

Risposta dello sviluppatore

30 ottobre 2020

We really appreciate that you give us time to support your case, Jan.
Hope that you will also support our other apps and wish to get a 5* if you like them ;)