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Modifié le 27 juillet 2022

We had issues uninstalling the program and it working with Quick View. The program doesn't work well with QUICK VIEW APPS since you can see all the prices when you click on QUICK VIEW. To uninstall you must go through their app FIRST or it won't delete their coding from you site. To correct you must reinstall the program go to their app and uninstall there first. Then you can go to your admin and uninstall again for the coding to be removed. This will work if you don't use QUICKVIEW so we gave it 3 stars.

Environ 21 heures d’utilisation de l’application
Talon Commerce a répondu 27 juillet 2022

Some apps that show prices are not compatible with any price hiding apps. With regard to quickview apps, some are and some are not. I'm sorry that the quickview app you installed was unfortunately not compatible.

It's a technical limitation and depends on how the app that shows prices is written. Some apps that show prices are written in a way that can be modified by other apps and some are not. In this case, there was little I could do.

As this app hides prices, it adds some custom code to the theme so that the prices are truly removed and not just rendered without them. Because of this and the way Shopify works, you do need to press a button within the app in order to run the code removal to fully remove the app.

Shopify does not allow code removal by apps after uninstallation But this is solved with a single button click within the app. I agree that it is not so intuitive and I'd like for it to be automatic without that button click but I am limited by the platform here.