Login My Phone Number

Login My Phone Number

door Extendons

Allow customers to login your store fast via OTP login.

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Email & Password Less Login

It’s a fast & simple login method that does not require customers to remember their registration email and password.

Secure Login System Using OTP

Your customers can login with registered mobile number, securely authenticating the account through an SMS/OTP sent to their mobile numbers.

Avoids Spam User Registrations

As a plus, this naturally prevents spam user registrations that can bloat your website and compromise your store’s security.

Over Login My Phone Number

Login My Phone Number App boost your store’s registration rate and improve customer user experience. It works by offering a seamless registration and login method that can substitute traditional method of email and password login. Here, the customer only needs to enter their phone number and an OTP will be sent via SMS to their mobile to verify the login.

It is a highly efficient app that not only helps decrease login time, but also offers convenience to customers who often get frustrated in remembering difficult login credentials. Moreover, you also get customization options for login section where you can hide old registration form and change color and text of the phone number login button

Features List

  • Enable registration & login with a phone number
  • Option to hide old registration form on login page
  • Customize the color and text of the phone login button
  • Comes with Two-Factor Authentication
  • Completely mobile responsive for accessing through smartphones & tablets

Login with Registered Phone Number

Customers can easily register or login to your website through their mobile phone number. This is a fast and easy process where the customer enters the phone number and an OTP is generated by the App and sent to the customer’s mobile for authentication.

Hide Old Registration Form

You can also choose to hide old registration/login form, restricting the customer to only access your store through only mobile login option.

User Information Gets Saved

After the first attempt, the mobile phone number gets automatically saved in the User Section.

Customization Options

Customize the color and font of the mobile login button. You can change it according to your store theme or personal preferences.

Mobile Responsive

Being mobile-ready, your store can be accessed through any smartphone or tablet even on the go. This increases user registrations who are highly dependent on their handheld mobile devices and rarely use desktops or laptops for online shopping.

Compatible Themes

  • Debut
  • Simple
  • Minimal
  • Boundless
  • Express
  • Venture
  • Supply
  • Narrative
  • Brooklyn
  • Prestige
  • Kingdom
  • Envy
  • Venue
  • Avenue
  • Warehouse
  • Impulse
  • District
  • Split
  • Sunrise
  • Loft
  • Motion
  • Parallax
  • Flow
  • Empire
  • Mr Parker
  • Masonry

Note: If you have any theme compatibility issue with our app then contact us at shopify@extendons.com. We will make it compatible for free.

Current Version.v.1.3.1 (02-04-21)

  • Introduce New fields for custom error message for store
  • Theme compatibility & Other Minor issue fixed.

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5.0 van 5 sterren

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I was looking for an app for accessing / registering with a phone number and I found this app suited to my needs, excellent assistance service, responses in a short time and they went along with many of my requests, great work 5 stars more than you deserve! thank you

Manuka Kuwait

I wanted to give my customers the option to login/register with mobile number in addition to the email login, many of my customers are elderly and don't feel comfortable using emails. This App allows this feature brilliantly. it was very easy to install the app, it has a guide with PICTURES super easy to follow. The customer support is fast and efficient. THANK YOU