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Price: Free – $1,350.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Reduce your stock levels and reduce your stock-outs
  • Automate the reordering process
  • Combine multiple Shopify accounts and other data sources

Advanced inventory forecasting. Service more clients with less stocks.
Display better prices. Outprice your competitors but preserve your margins. Our predictive analytics are uniquely geared for the commerce challenges, including dealing with sparse and erratic demand.

Inventory Forecasting

Know when to order and how much to order. Optimize the returns of your inventory. Get reorder points, order quantities and sales forecasts. Identify overstocks and under stocks within minutes.

Commerce Analytics

Your commerce deserves better than Excel. Create dashboards with all the performance indicators that matter. Get insights and share them with your colleagues. Fine-tune your commerce performance.

Pricing Optimization

Craft your own pricing strategy and out-price your competitors. Gain market shares but preserve your margins. Perform simulations and visualize the results. Reprice everything every day.

Free, self-serving or managed

We serve clients ranging from 1-man companies to retail networks including thousands of stores. Lokad is free for businesses with yearly revenue under 450,000 USD and our montly plans start at 150 USD per month for bigger businesses.

We support multiple Shopify accounts. In particular, it's possible to plug multiple Shopify stores in Lokad and to correctly aggregate the historical data on the Lokad side.

Beyond self-service and through our paid plans, the Lokad team is here to help your commerce with an hands-on approach in order to improve your stock levels or your prices depending on your strategic priorities. Your company can benefit from the direct supervision of an expert in commerce optimization from Lokad.

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Free – $1,350.00 / month
30 days



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