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Magical tool to create image collections for your products

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Boost your sales & conversion

Create the attractive collection to make customers have a completed look then motivate them spend more money to buy products.

Make image collections easily

Create a product collection just with an image. Give each item in the collection a separated tag with their description.

Simple use & friendly operate

Admin can display easily the lookbooks at any position on any pages they want thanks to the Widget Insertion feature.

Acerca de Spify Lookbook

As a store owner, you would like to:

  • Boost your sale through the cross selling strategy
  • Improve conversion through attractive combo package
  • Minimize inventory

Thanks to Lookbook, you will able to:

Bring to your customers a product collection just with an image. In addition, Lookbook is an effective and interesting tool to give each item in the collection a separated tag to put their description. Therefore, your customers have a comprehensive look for the whole set of product as well as the individual items taking up that set

Create appealing combo packages to motivate customers buy as many products as possible. This helps your store minimize inventory

Find easily the product you want to attach by its SKU code. Our search engine will help you find the attached product just by some keywords which helps you save time effectively. Besides, admin can edit the label of each pin (or Product Price will be automatically assigned to label) and change the position of the image popup upon customer’s click on the icon. Therefore, admin are able to pin that extra “note” anywhere suitable onto the image.

Use countless pinned points in uploaded image with two kind of pin: product detail and custom text as a note for your product or just special thing you want to convey to customers.

Timer setting is a wonderful feature, allows users to apply the time allowance to a lookbook. With this feature, store owners can use the admin role to set the start time and end time for the lookbook. The extension will make sure this lookbook or lookbook slider will only be displayed during this time. After this, the lookbook will be automatically disabled. In other words, great lookbook sliders for special occasions, such as Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving, with the exact available time, is totally possible without any help from extra developers. No more reminding yourself of enabling/disabling the lookbook! No complexity, no time-consuming, only just some clicks to make the difference.

Use “Add all to cart” button to help your customers save their time when they buy all products. Instead of clicking “buy now” several times, one click “Add all” will put all simple products (without options) in the current lookbook or slider piece into the shopping cart.

Gather lookbooks more easier as a smooth lookbook slider: A slider will contain all related lookbooks. And admin can choose which lookbook to be assigned to slider. Our Lookbook will generate a slider with smooth automation and beautiful effect which is available for admin to create an impressive slider.

Operate configuration panel friendly: Configuration is divided into 2 main parts. General configurations will be applied to both lookbook and slider item. Other is used for only slider.

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Starter Plan


  • 3 Lookbooks

  • 1 Lookbook slider

  • Custom Settings

  • Pinned products

  • Directly Add to cart feature

  • Using Shopify Image Url

Basic Plan


  • All features of starter plan

  • Unlimited Lookbooks

  • 10 Lookbook sliders

  • Upload images directly

  • Store up to 1G of image space

Bussiness Plan


  • All features of basic plan

  • Unlimited Lookbook slider

  • Add all products to cart

  • Unlimited photo storage capacity

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

1.0 con 5 estrellas

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Uploading photos feature doesn't work. Could not upload via the link or via the direct upload feature so the app is not functioning.

Respuesta del desarrollador

3 de agosto de 2020


We have reviewed the issue you reported, but we found that the direct upload function and the upload via link function still work. Hope you give us the opportunity to help you solve this problem by providing us with more information via email info@spify.io. We are very grateful for that.

Best regards,