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We are a small business that is growing fast. We recently migrated from WooCommerce to Shopify Plus in order to have access to cleaner and more effective e-commerce tools and the ability to more easily scale. Loop was one of the major influencers in our decision to switch. I am not a web developer but I do all of the web backend work myself. Of all the apps that I have used so far in Shopify (and probably including Shopify itself), I think that Loop offered the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow onboarding documentation. I reached out to Loop support a couple times when I got stuck or needed clarity on something and every time their support was extremely responsive, helpful, and patient (even when I was probably coming across as crabby - my own fault for trying to do too many things at once!). I was able to get Loop configured and running for the most part in just a few hours with a few tweaks here and there as the rest of the site started coming together over the next week or so. My assistant who helps with processing returns and exchanges is over the moon about how easy it is to use Loop too. We are definitely fans. Thank you for a great product and great service!

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Loop已回复 2023年6月22日

We absolutely love hearing this! Thank you for trusting us and we can't wait to continue working together! 🙌💙


Loop is an impressive platform that is designed to be easy to use for both internal teams and customers. The software is highly intuitive, and it doesn't take long to get up and running. The platform's ability to provide quick and accurate responses to queries is truly remarkable, and it helps to save time for everyone involved. For small companies, in particular, Loop is a valuable tool that can help to streamline operations and maximize profits. The "Shop Now" feature is one example of how Loop has helped our business generate revenue. This feature makes it easy for customers to purchase products or services directly from the platform, without having to navigate to another website. Overall, Loop is an impressive platform that offers a wide range of benefits for businesses of all sizes.

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Loop已回复 2023年5月10日

This review made our day! We love hearing about your positive experience with Loop, especially the Shop Now feature!


Loop was the exact Returns / Exchange platform that we were looking for. As a small team of two, manually responding to @info emails just to quickly provide someone a return label was very inefficient. Our Onboarding Rep, Adam, was also extremely helpful and gave us genuine industry standard advice, and pointed out some discrepancies in our T&C.
As I'm sure most of us Shopify admins know, managing Exchanges in the Shopify platform is such a headache. It's either a return for refund, or you are messing around with manual inventory adjustments and sending Shipping labels from 3rd party shipping apps. Loop comes in and does exactly what you'd expect and makes the process easy, and all in the 'Orders' page. Our customers seem to appreciate it too, we rarely get a hiccup with Loop, and if we do, it was often a customer input mistake.

Do be prepared to sign up for the top two pricing levels though for the best experience. The lowest pricing options are petty limited, and you'll find that out pretty quickly.

Ocean and San
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Loop已回复 2023年5月10日

Making your life easier is why we do what we do! Thanks for this super insightful review! 🙌


We installed Loop in Summer, 2022 and within a few months we were able to realize the full benefit of the platform. In particular, Loop unlocked us to offer more flexible exchange options to our customers, which has helped us nearly double the amount of revenue we retained from customers that would have normally been given back in refunds.

To add, their analytics page is wonderful and allows us to track our results each month and/or dive into specific areas of interest. We've appreciated the visibility Loop has provided, and have been able to make meaningful changes to how we position our products, conduct fit education, or update our portfolio as a result.

Ministry of Supply
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Loop已回复 2023年5月24日

Wow! We love hearing how we've helped nearly double your amount of revenue retained! Thank you for sharing! 🙌💙


We love loop! It's by far the best experience for customers and also CX employees to navigate as well. Super clean and easy experience from start to finish, and there's always exciting updates that Loop is coming out with to better it. You can customize the portal so that it feels very on brand, and even have the customer shop directly on your site with their store credit. From a CX/employee perspective, the analytics and reports have helped us lower return rates on specific products as well. Shoutout to Bryan H. who is our rep and is super quick to help anytime we need assistance!

Free Fly Apparel
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Loop has been an amazing efficiency for our business! Processing each return manually with customers via email was not only time consuming, but also not the best overall experience for our shoppers. Loop has given us a customer-facing platform that is professional and user-friendly, and has giving our team a lot of valuable time back! Their communication is quick and helpful as well. Highly recommend!

COCO The Shop
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Loop has made a huge difference in how we manage returns, exchanges and refunds. Their tool does 95% of the work for me and allows me to focus on growing my store.

I'm excited to see how they can retain additional revenue in the future and also learn more about customer trends, sizing and more. Would definitely recommend them + their team!

Icy Minded
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Loop已回复 2023年5月17日

We're excited to continue growing with you! Thank you for these kind words!!


I am super impressed with Loop. It functions and looks better than anything I could have DIY'ed. Loop is user-friendly, with a clear interface, excellent tutorials, and an approachable team. I was not anticipating the amount of "homework" I had to do but it wasn't so bad because there was a handy to-do list. I recommend Loop to anyone looking to improve their Returns & Exchanges process.

Sakkara Clothing
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Loop已回复 2023年5月18日

This recommendation >>>>>>
Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with Loop!


Loop is very user friendly on both the consumer and seller side - Our Merchant Onboarding Specialist, Brooke, has been so attentive and helpful anytime we need solutions to issues. The app interface itself is well put together and offers an incredible amount of analytics that are very helpful in decision making.

My favorite feature of Loop is that you can very easily edit your library of return reasons. In allowing companies to do this, Loop is immediately applicable to pretty much any company, regardless of their product offerings.

I would definitely recommend Loop to any company looking to simplify the returns process for their customers, while also gathering important return information for their records.

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Loop已回复 2023年5月16日

Thanks for this super insightful review! We love hearing about your positive experience with us! And we'll be sure to pass along your message to Brooke 💙


I am thrilled to share my outstanding experience with Loop, a powerful tool that has revolutionized the way I manage my business. From customizing policies and workflows to effectively reducing return ratios, Loop has been an absolute game-changer.

One of the standout features of Loop is its user-friendly interface, which made the entire process seamless and intuitive. I greatly appreciate the ease with which I can navigate and customize various aspects of the software. It has truly empowered me to tailor the platform to meet my specific needs and optimize my operations.

In addition to the exceptional software, I must commend the dedicated representatives at Loop who have been instrumental in my journey. Jackie and Ash have been invaluable in providing insightful recommendations and offering guidance to streamline my workflows and maximize efficiency. Their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction have truly set them apart.

Loop has not only enhanced the functionality of my business but has also provided unparalleled support along the way. The level of assistance and prompt responses I have received from the Loop team have been commendable. Knowing that I have a reliable support system in place gives me peace of mind and confidence in utilizing the software to its full potential.

I cannot emphasize enough how Loop has positively impacted my business. It has surpassed my expectations, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to any business owner seeking to streamline their processes, reduce return ratios, and improve overall efficiency. Thank you, Loop, for providing an exceptional platform and top-notch customer service.

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Loop已回复 2023年6月2日

Wow! This reviewing is everything we love to hear! Thank you for being such a loyal and amazing partner to work with! 💙 🙌