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30. januar 2021

very very very limited settings.....with the pro plan!!!!!
I can't import reviews with text or just without text, I can't change reviews at all.....

Cirka et år bruger appen
Loox svarede 30. januar 2021

Josh from the Loox team here :)

I am sorry that your Loox experience has not met your expectations so far. I would be happy to sort everything out for you.​

Loox allows you to choose which reviews to appear publicly on your store.

We also support importing your text and photo reviews from any previous source using the Loox review import template as well.​

If you'd like assistance with uploading your reviews, I have reached out to you privately with additional instructions. Please reply to the email so we can help further :)

21. april 2021

There is no way to find support team on Shopify. I already check all the page i can but no help support.. Too bad the app is great

7 måneder bruger appen
Loox svarede 21. april 2021

Amit K. from the Loox team here :)

Our support team is available 24/7 in 3 different time zones, and we always respond within minutes.

I took a look at our logs and I cannot seem to find an email from you. No worries though, I just reached out to you in private to see how we can help!

You can always feel free to contact us by clicking the "Get support" button on your Apps menu and on our app listing page as well.

Redigeret 15. marts 2021

Gave decent results for price during trial and first month. Now it's says I've run out of review sends after just 2 days and what I get from that is just about 10 reviews. When I bumped up the next level, Within a few days, I got the same message, that I'd run out. Currently looking for alternatives . It's fine if that's their pricing, but they definitely show more results during their trial and initial and then want to force you to pay way more to get results thereafter. Very disappointing.

Adinkra Expo
4 måneder bruger appen
Loox svarede 15. marts 2021

Yishai from the Loox team here - I'm so sorry you're disappointed in your experience with Loox recently. I'd be happy to clear a few things up and try to explain what happened :)

Generally speaking, Loox offers a one-time bonus to send review requests to past customers free of charge regardless of how many emails are sent.

This might be the reason so many reviews came in during your first month of Loox, as free emails were sent to your customers going back to orders 90-days before Loox was installed.

In regards to recent performance, I can see that you recently moved to the Advanced plan which offers 500 review request emails per month which might be less than your monthly order volume and hence was exceeded faster than expected.

With that said, I can see that you received more than 150 reviews in the last 30 days which is fantastic!

In any case, we contacted you privately through our support channel to explain everything in more detail, we're more than happy to help you get the most out of your Loox subscription.

28. oktober 2020

Gostaria de um suporte em suporte.laranjaimportada.com.br, pois simplesmente não consigo espelhar os reviews em minha pagina.

Evolução Laranja
6 måneder bruger appen
Loox svarede 28. oktober 2020

Josh from the Loox team here :)

Loox automatically secures your reviews by blocking all non-listed domains from displaying the Loox widgets.

This protects you from anyone who wants to steal your reviews and display them on their sites.

I will happy to help you work around this feature so that you may display your reviews on this unlisted domain.

In the meantime, I have reached out to you privately to assist you further. Please check your email for a message from our Support team.

Redigeret 7. oktober 2019

I don't like the fact that Loox is sending emails for reviews on default. Customers will get an email before the order even arrives. Had to turn it off all together.

Kreative Lemons
Cirka et år bruger appen
Loox svarede 7. oktober 2019

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Review request timing is certainly crucial, and we wouldn't want them to get sent too soon (or too late!). On your Settings tab in the app, you can configure emails to be sent X days after purchase, fulfillment or delivery dates - to ensure that emails go out at the perfect timing that matches your store's delivery times.

As always, our support team is available and happy to assist with any question or concern - our goal is to help you make the most of Loox and we'd love to help :)

3. april 2022

Close to loving this app but I'm not receiving any support from Loox explaining how to prevent everyone from using my "single code for all customers". I understand that people receive this code once they have posted a photo review but what is to stop them from sharing it to others who haven't posted a photo review - I would really appreciate someones help on this so I can feel comfortable upgrading to the growth plan

2 dage bruger appen
Loox svarede 4. april 2022

Abby from the Loox team here :)

The Loox team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions that you may have!

It is important to note that the Single Code for all Customers option that is used for offering photo/video review discounts is run by Shopify's discount system.

​This means that Loox does not have control over how these discounts are used or managed.

​We also offer the option of using a Unique Code for each review when offering discounts for photo/video reviews.

​When choosing this option, Loox will create a new code for every customer submitting a photo/video review, that is unique and can only be used once.

​I have personally reached out to you to explain this further and to help advise on the best option for you to use when offering discounts for photo/video reviews.

Redigeret 9. april 2018

Loox helps me get reviews with pictures from my customers that I never received before after countless emails. What unfortunately happens is my customers continue to get spammed after they leave a review. I can't set the application to stop emailing them after a certain number of emails or once they leave a review without turning all the emails off. Therefore, I pay to have my reviews on my site, but I can't get anymore without spamming my customers after every. single. purchase. :(

Cirka 4 år bruger appen
Redigeret 28. november 2019

We as customers doesnt mean anything to Loox, and it seems like once yopu buy the app then they dont care about you anymore. First they say they will get back to you in 5 hours, then another email confirm that they ALWAYS get back within 24 hours, but only reply me after 4 days, and the 2nd time after 2 days i still didnt hear from them. TERRIBLE. They deserve a 1 star, but get a 2 star because at least the app is working, although there are better apps that is cheaper as well, so i will probably not hang around for long.

Sticker Sensations
New Zealand
7 måneder bruger appen
Loox svarede 17. november 2019


Amit from the Loox support team here :)

Generally speaking, as you've correctly mentioned, we do our best to respond to support requests as soon as possible and always within 24 hours.

I took a look at our support logs and we've responded to all of your requests within this timeframe (replies sent to the email address your store is listed under).

If you've not received these responses, please contact our support team directly at support@loox.io - we're always happy to help!

Redigeret 13. marts 2019

CSV files not working. Somehow I didn't have the 14 days trial, I couldn't import reviews from Amazon, I couldn't edit, Very Disappointed. Paid for Nothing!!! What a waste

10 måneder bruger appen
25. februar 2020


Essentium Phygen
2 måneder bruger appen