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  • Loyalis analyzes customer data to build and manage an engaging rewards program
  • Loyalis dashboard is powered by business intelligence to help you understand that data
  • Loyalis provides phone support to help your marketing team act on provided insights

Loyalis is a point-based rewards program with an integrated business intelligence dashboard to help you grow sales.

Loyalis is used by top merchants on Shopify to reward customers in a unique way, while being the only solution to track financial, social and engagement data to build out a business intelligence dashboard.

Our unique dashboard helps better understand your customers and more efficiently allocate marketing budgets to attract, engage and retain your best customers.

One of the analysis shown on our business intelligence dashboard is the ROI of different social networks, so you'll know which networks are used by your top customers, and prepare a more effective marketing plan.

Our merchants achieve incremental revenue lift of 33%, thanks to our BI dashboard filled with actionable data.

We are very proud of the insights shown by our BI dashboard, which has helped some of our merchants achieve incremental revenue lift in millions of dollars.

However, it is important to understand that the key is in gathering the required data as much as analyzing them for insights.

The data on customer behavior is gathered through our rewards program, which tracks rewarded customer activity, specifically:

  • Frequent purchases are rewarded with points to show your appreciation, which brings them back – increasing sales dramatically.

  • Product reviews are rewarded to generate unique textual content on product pages – helping your SEO.

  • Referring friends to buy and share (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter) is rewarded to bring new customers and multiply sales with zero investment.

  • Newsletter subscriptions are rewarded to increase your email marketing list which helps drive email conversions.

  • Frequent visits are rewarded to motivate your customers to explore your product offering – increasing customer value.

Get in touch and we'll analyze your customer data and provide actionable insights to grow revenue. Email us at support@loyalis.co

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Please, please, please run from this app. Great looking interface, has so much potential, but LOADS of problems, not sure how to migrate to another service but I have to somehow, my customers deserve better. We got responses about issues, for a bit (nothing actually fixed) and then we stopped getting responses about new customer issues. I'd love to give them good marks for their good points, but the app is far too broken. Plus features like being able to easily do promotions like double rewards is way to hard to do.


Used it for almost 10 months now, not much support, gold chips are a mess and we received a lot of complain from our customers. I would strongly suggest not to install until they had fixed all their bugs. Our supporting team and customers have been very patient with loyalis and it is very sad to let go.


You know I tried these guys out because I thought the feature of it being like a game would be cool. Yeah no, it may be cool but its DEF NOT worth 149/199 a month. Thats insanity. I see some business use these guys but honestly I would recommend Sloyalty over them. They adjust their prices I would more than welcome them, but thats not happening so the more than 2 stars isnt happening

$79.00 / month

It's free for 15 days, so there's no reason not to try it out and see the incredible insight we can provide about your customers in our Business Intelligence dashboard. It helps merchants re-allocate marketing spend based on the value of different customer segments. Truly a unique view of your customers.

15 days

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