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  • Easily track referred visitors, checkouts and revenue
  • Customize popups & pages to attract new promoters
  • Automatically reward successful promoters

LoyalLock makes it easy to target and reward your most valuable customers. We measure value by the number of visitors & orders a customer refers to your shop.

How It Works

  • LoyalLock tracks visitors to your store, and recognizes when a visitors uses a referral link.

  • You can create new referral links yourself, give customers their referral link after checkout, or let visitors create their own.

  • We track any actions that take place from a referral link, and attribute that activity back to the promoter.

  • You can set up incentives based off of this activity, so that successful promoters can earn rewards.

  • Either send out discount codes to successful promoters individually, or load up a queue of discount codes to be automatically delivered when a promoter earns a reward

Getting Started

You can get up and running with LoyalLock within a few minutes. Once you've installed the application you'll be asked to create your LoyalLock account. After you've signed up, we make sure LoyalLock is tracking referrals to your shop by sending a test visit. Once that test visit has been recorded, you're ready to customize your campaign.

Our Features

We offer a variety of features that are available to every account Most aspects of your campaign can be customized to fit your shop's style, size and mission.

Referral Tracking

As soon as LoyalLock is installed, we begin tracking visitors, checkouts and revenue that is referred to your shop. This data is displayed in our dashboard, which makes it easy for you to view trends, live activity and more.

Checkout Popup

By enabling your checkout popup, each visitor will be presented their own unique referral link to use after they have made a sale on your shop. From there, the promoter can share this link to earn rewards when their friends buy.

Promoter Offer

A good way to increase conversion when your promoters share is to enable your promoter offer, which is a popup that appears when a customer is referred to your shop, offering them a discount upon arrival.

Share Page

Add a custom landing page to your shop where visitors can get their own referral links. Once their referral link is assigned, promoters can post on Facebook, send a Tweet, or email their friends directly from the share page.

Coupon Queue

You can add coupon codes for each of your rewards so that promoters are automatically notified once they've earned a reward. This lets you run a robust referral marketing campaign without having to manage the day-to-day operations.

Other features:

  • Analytics Charts
  • Email Customization

  • Data Export

  • Activity Stream

  • 14-Day Free Trial


LoyalLock is currently offering a 30-day free trial, after which you will be upgraded to a paid plan based on your usage. Paid monthly plans are offered between $35 and $279 a month.

From $0.00 / month

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