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Loyalty for Shopify eCommerce + Vend POS

Loyalty for Shopify eCommerce + Vend POS

Developed by Collect Apps

8 reviews
Price: $29.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Works across Shopify eCommerce and Vend POS to grow customer loyalty in-store and online
  • Fully automated loyalty and referral program
  • Deliver an effortless customer loyalty experience

This app is for Shopify users who also use Vend POS. If you purely use Shopify for your ecommerce and/or POS, our app: Beautiful Loyalty Programs for eCommerce & POS is for you!

Get your customers coming back more often.

Create a fully automated customer loyalty program that’s effortless to use for customers and staff, helping you deliver a great customer experience that keeps customers coming back.

Designed for Shopify eCommerce + Vend POS stores, Collect Loyalty has everything you need in a loyalty and referral program:

MAKE IT YOUR OWN - Easily customizable to showcase your store’s branding and create rewards that work for your business. Choose % off, $ off, or something a little different, like free shipping, or a gift with purchase.

FULLY AUTOMATED - Customers earn points for sign up, purchases, and successful friend referrals automatically. Choose to send optional points balance and reward emails automatically.

UNIQUE REWARD COUPONS - Coupon codes are unique to the customer for hassle free redemption and to prevent coupon misuse.

BUILT-IN REFERRAL PROGRAM - Acquire new customers through friend referrals. Automatically reward customers points for referrals when the friend makes their first purchase.

WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK WIDGET - Customers can check their points balances and rewards while shopping online. Add your Widget to a Facebook Tab for some extra social engagement.

REPORTING AND ANALYTICS - Identify your best customers, track friend referrals, and measure program performance.

IN-STORE AND ONLINE - Leading Point-of-Sale and eCommerce integrations means your loyalty program works across all your stores.

APPLE WALLET BUILT-IN - Customers can add their claimed rewards to their mobile, keeping your store front of mind and when they’re nearby your store, notifications from Apple Wallet prompt them to come in again.

NO TECH KNOW-HOW REQUIRED - One-click-install, then customize to suit your store.

Set up is easy, with a one-click install - Try Collect Loyalty for free

Loyalty for Shopify eCommerce + Vend POS reviews

8 reviews
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It works very well and it is easy to install and manage. My customers are happy with the program and they redeem the points. i installed a few months ago and no issues.


I too was very skeptical of Loyalty because of the one star review. I went with a competitor and though they were great i had to find another solution due to the crazy high monthly charges. i decided to give loyalty a chance. So far i am so very happy i did. the support has been great. Thanks"jase" if you are reading. So far, i would suggest any one give it it try first( i will let y'all know if anything changes). I also added the customer feedback option and it has been awesome. with it we have gained valuable knowledge and allowed us to hopefully correct problems with our service and acknowledge team members that provide exceptional service.


This app was fairly easy to set up and has been a tremendous success for my online store! My customers love the fact that they can earn rewards and it has increased the number of return customers exponentially! I can't recommend this enough. The support is fantastic as well!


This is one of the easiest apps I have ever used. The set-up took just minutes and has worked perfectly without any issues at all. There is no better way to get a full featured loyalty program up and running. Highly recommended!


Works well, easy to set up and link through if you are using Vend also. Few bugs and issues but hopefully they will get that ironed out and be able to sync sign ups between the two platforms in the near future, used on site www.threadsonline.co.nz


I was able to sit down and had this set up and working in 1 hour. I was skeptical after seeing that 1 star review, but lets face it, this is the only reasonably priced loyalty app on Shopify. DON'T RAISE YOUR PRICES!

This is beautiful because it works both in store and online. Seriously, I tested it. Five Stars has the same pricing but doesn't integrate and would only work with my brick and mortar, not my online store.

Areas to improve:
1. Please consider adding custom reward names other than just "points"
2. Beef up your support team a little. Again, I was able to figure out everything myself, but even if you guys had some more tutorials - that would do the trick. I thought I had to code to get this integrated into my website, but I didn't have to do anything except click a button. Making that more clear to users would help.

I will write another review if my experience changes, but so far I am impressed.


It is a really cool app, we use this and the Offers app and together they are pretty powerful. I would give it five stars, but there was a few bugs at the start (that I notified them of and seem to have been sorted out), and it is true there support can be slow.


Run a mile from this app and run a mile from every app this company provides! I used this and their Automation App and had major issues with both. As a business that turns over many USD$millions we need apps that work straight out of the box and this one does not. Without doubt our experience with this app cost us money and customers and that is not what you want.

The apps this company produce look pretty cool, but don’t be fooled, the support you won’t get and the staff behind it are as incompetent as can be. Support questions take WEEKS before you get a response (if you get one at all) and their software clashes with pretty much every aspect of your Shopify store (i.e it's not compatible with many (if not all of the themes!)

This is an issue. A fairly big one.

I’m happy to prove my claims to anyone with a detailed e-mail log (so don’t believe false reviews about fast response times that I’ve just seen pop up since posting my review. They’re false!)

We were using a different loyalty scheme and swapped to this and it was truly one of the biggest mistakes we have ever made. The app even managed to install itself twice (!?) on our store (how could this happen?) causing major back end issues and lost customer data (again)

Let’s look at the catalogue of errors:

1. After signing up to the Loyalty app on the 11 Oct ’15 I contacted the support team about importing our customers from another app. I was told they could and then sat awaiting confirmation that it was done. It never came! I sent a follow up e-mail to check where they were with it on the 16th Oct (got no response) then another on the 21st Oct (Still no response!) 

What was I meant to be doing with our store loyalty scheme during this time? We were inundated with customers asking questions about where it was and I had nothing to tell them.

I then sent 2 further messages on the 22 Oct when I’m finally told there might have been an issue with the import! 11 Days to tell me this!

Our customers were then sent a barrage of e-mails later this day from the app that made no sense so I had to disable the app to stop any further issues.

I then got an e-mail from their support saying he saw we had turned off our e-mails (they had seen I’d turned off a function but apparently not seen my stack of e-mails to them!)

When I enquired about the support (or lack of it) they replied, and I quote “these are only one off teething issues which unfortunately can happen with SAAS businesses” !! What is a teething issue? Not responding to your customers isn’t a ‘teething issue’ - its incompetence.

We are now on the 4th November and we had still been unable to go live with the app nor had anyone from Collect confirmed with me that they have uploaded our customers yet! So I send another e-mail asking for an update. I then received an e-mail on the 5th November to say the upload had been done! Nearly 4 weeks after signing up! 

Do you want that in your store?

I asked a few new questions regarding the currency denominator (it was showing $USD instead of £GBP - which is fairly important for us as we are based in London!) and a question about putting in a coupon value that was not a whole pound (i.e £2.50 - as your system wouldn’t accept it) on the 9th November.

Guess when I got a response on this?

Yep, the 19th November. 10 days after my request!

And to make matters worse the response I received didn’t deal with my issues!

So I replied and clarified what I needed answers on and also informed them of the clash of code that was leaving major elements of our site (i.e product images) not working!! (their app was stopping product variant images showing properly)

We didn't ever receive a response to this e-mail! Not EVER! It's almost difficult to believe but unfortunately true.

I even stupidly installed their Collect Automation app and yet again had SERIOUS communication /support issues with this. Again, my initial questions around Birthdays and how we capture/store this information in Shopify to this date remain unanswered! No answer to this at all - again.

To rub salt into the wounds, after uninstalling their app I’m now getting replies to support questions from weeks ago and I don’t even have their apps anymore! It’s like a Laurel and Hardy film! A total farce.

So, perhaps you can pick up my feelings towards their business and support. It’s not good. In fact quite bad.

Do yourself a favour. And trust me on this. DO NOT USE THIS APP if you value your business in any way. There are better loyalty options out there that actually work and that offer you support when you need it. I’m now using SWELL and the difference between the two (in terms of support and functionality) is to big to detail.

$29.00 / month

✔ Unlimited customers
✔ Unlimited transactions
✔ Shopify eCommerce integration
✔ Vend POS integration
✔ Customize program
✔ Automatic customer emails
✔ Built-in referral program
✔ Website and Facebook widget
✔ Built-in Apple Wallet
✔ Phone, chat and email support

No hidden costs

14 days

Support & Sales

Collect Apps
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