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2023년 4월 2일

I was attended by paul with great attention and kindness, he helped me with all my doubts, and above all, he helped me with new tools and suggestions! Thank you Paul, you are a great person!

Dagon Art Store
2023년 4월 1일

Nice rewards program. It integrates nicely with the reviews app. Both you should check out. If you are looking for an app that's
Easy To Use!
Then this app is for you!

2023년 3월 30일

So far so good, easy to install and operate and the customer service is above and beyond :)
Jel was extremely helpful

Bushman Survival
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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 30일

We're overjoyed to hear that you're having a positive experience with our app. Your 5-star review means the world to us!
Thanks, Kevin

2023년 3월 30일

Paul, he was very helpful to add two app on my store.
I asked additional request to him, he responded quickly
Their service was very useful.

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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 30일

Thank you so much for the amazing 5-star review! Means the world to us, and we are here for you anytime. 😊
Cheers, Kevin

2023년 3월 28일

Customer service was excellent! Arianne replied quickly and added the export feature to our store. Fantastic!

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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 28일

It's music to our ears that you are happy with our customer service! Your 5-star review is much appreciated! 🌟
Thanks, Kevin

2023년 3월 28일

Great customer service. Arianne was very helpful and prompt on her response. Rivo will be a huge help on marketing my store.

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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 28일

Your kind words and positive feedback mean the world to us! Thank you so much for the review, and we are always happy to help at any time. 🌟
Best wishes, Kevin

2023년 3월 27일

Abbie of Rivo gave me exceptional service. She was kind, and prompt in responding to my questions. I highly recommend this service/app and make sure you get Abbie :-)

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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 28일

We're honored that you would recommend our app and services to others. Thank you for your support and confidence in us.
All the best, Kevin

2023년 3월 25일

A few customers have gained a loyalty reward; however, Rivo does not notify customers when they have points to spend. The app really is not fully integrated into the site because I do not get notifications when customers have points to spend either. Seems like I would have to check daily to see when customers have rewards, and then create custom emails for each customers. That is really time consuming and difficult to manage.

Kultured Kurlz
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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 26일

Hi Kultured Kurlz's team!

Appreciate your review and feedback. I'm so sorry you weren't able to find these options in the app. Every time customers earn points, an email is sent out notifying them that they have points to spend. This is also the case with rewards.

Additionally actually have points reminder and expiry emails built in to the app. https://help.rivo.io/en/articles/6778445-points-expiry

Happy to have our team jump on a call and walk you through best practices and set this up personally for you! Let me know if that's something you're interested in – james@rivo.io


2023년 3월 24일

Abbie was an absolute gem helping me make adjustments today!! The platform is everything we’ve been looking for, definitely a must add to every store

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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 26일

We take pride in offering a platform that meets the needs of our customers, and we are delighted to hear that it is everything you have been looking for. We appreciate your recommendation, and we hope to continue to exceed your expectations.
Thanks, Kevin

2023년 3월 24일

Buena experiencia de momento con la aplicacion, la asistenta Jel me ayudo mucho. La seguire probando.

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답글 Rivo개 2023년 3월 26일

¡Estamos muy felices de ver que haya tenido una experiencia de cinco estrellas! 🌟 ¡Siempre nos esforzamos por ayudarlo a usted y a su negocio a tener éxito!
Saludos, Kevin