Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

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Increase Repeat Sales -Loyalty

Increase engagement and spending with customers through a fully featured rewards and referrals program.

Rewards and Loyalty Program

Fully Customizable rewards loyalty and referrals program. Specify points and rewards that match your brand.

Increase Traffic w/ Referrals

Increase sales and traffic to your store through our world class Referrals program.

有關 Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals

Tired of the diminishing returns that ad spend is generating for your store these days?

Join thousands of Shopify stores taking their future into their own hands by investing in their customers experience and creating predictable sales.

Instantly add a Loyalty and Rewards program to your Shopify store!

Delight your customers by offering rewards based on how many points a customer has earned. The app will set up and display a loyalty program widget on your store that handles all of this automatically.

Encourage Repeat Purchases with our Loyalty and Rewards Program

Adding a loyalty and rewards program is one of the best ways to create a predictable sales channel for your store.

  • Encourage repeat purchasing from loyal customers
  • Customize everything to match your brand
  • Offload inventory as incentives for your loyalty program.

Increase traffic with our Referrals Program

Instantly add the ability to create another channel of traffic for your store with our referrals program.

  • Encourage customers to spread the word by incentivizing referrals with rewards.
  • Customize everything to match your brand
  • Increase new customers visiting your store.

No developers needed!

The app works right away. Start improving engagement now! If you have any issues just let us know :)

Put a smile on your customers face by having your brand stamped your loyalty program.

Install today and start improving right away!

Simple installation. No coding needed! Takes less than 3 minutes to get set up.

Booster Apps' Proven Reliability

We are fully dedicated to supporting our customers. Based in the US and Europe, we are a full time development and support team focused purely on building outstanding Shopify Apps.

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5.0 5 顆星

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Bo Gypsy Boutique

This app has been great and easy to set up so far for my new shop! I do wish there was more text and customization features but for a free app it has all the essentials and then some to get your incentive program working. I love that I can customize the tiers and it even has the referral links available. As for customization needs, you will be able to select colors but fonts and things like that are somewhat limited from what I've found so far however, they seem to be always trying to improve what they offer businesses who use the app and have a suggestion and service request where customers can vote on new features. Great app!

Morris House Boutique

Very easy to use! Video is helpful, but so simple you don't even need it! I am excited to start offering my rewards program!


Does exactly what is says on the tin. Very easy to set up, personalise and integrate. Attentive developers too, that follow up and ensure everything is working properly for you.



Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! 🤩 We're so excited to be part of your business growth and success! If you need anything at all, just let us know. Cheers, Katherine