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24 mars 2024

Features interessanti, possibilità di traduzione dell'app e delle notifiche solo con piano a pagamento. Una volta installata e fatto l'abbonamento pro scopro un problema con il widget vetrina per la versione mobile.
Scrivo all'assistenza per capire quale fosse il problema, mi viene detto che devono indagare più a fondo per capire il problema e che si faranno sentire loro una volta risolto.
A distanza di 3 settimane nessuna novità, ho scritto nuovamente all'assistenza e mi è stato detto che stanno ancora indagando... sconsiglio

Candle Bloom
Environ un mois d’utilisation de l’application
13 juillet 2017

Installed and ask Bold to the install - I seem to be going around in circles with this. Does not work and have too many issues. Edit address button does not work, the buy with points button seems to only work sometimes, the way it handles freight when there are multiple options is poor.

Seems that the team supporting this is having issues and not as responsive as the other teams for the other applications I have from Bold.

I am going to give it another week to get everything fixed and then unfortunately if it is not working I will have to look at another solution.

Hopefully, they can get it working. I really like all the Bold solutions and this seems to be another great one if it can work correctly.

Presque 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
4 janvier 2022

I’ve used this app for a while and it’s fairly decent for what it does. But In the past 2 months there’s a bug in the app that causes some features to be missing such as entering birthdays and claiming points. Since that’s the whole point of a loyalty programme. When sent a ticket, I was told I would be given an update but I was not. I asked for an update a few days ago and was told “we have been closed for holidays”. It seems bold took the whole month of Dec off or something because the problem was before this and nothing has been changed. To pay $30 a month to have it not working properly or worked on is low key a scam. I wouldn’t recommend installing the app until it’s fixed. It’s going to be very hard for me to change app so I’m giving it more time. I will update if there’s any improvement.

Environ 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 5 mai 2018


Update: 23.02.18 - My customers are still not able to redeem any points.

After working with BOLD support for over a month, they still have not installed their app properly on my Turbo theme. I understand that each theme is different, but if I were to install a script on a website, I would make sure the site is functioning properly before I declare the installation to be complete.

At least 3 different installations left a script on my site that caused major page load problems. This error was very visible on both the home and product pages. Bold eventually admitted that one of their staff was responsible for the improper installation.

Today, users have no patience for websites with poor load speeds or inadequate performance. In a study done by Akamai, almost three-quarters of respondents (74%) will abandon after waiting five seconds for a mobile site to load, 57% have experienced problems when accessing a mobile site and 46% would NOT return to a poor functioning site.

The stats are in, a month of template issues cause by faulty installs have directly affected conversions.

It is now the day after Black Friday. I had hoped that the loyalties app would be visible to new customers to help with conversions. The customers were there, the app was not as the loyalties options were not visible.

After paying $99 for the app and installation fees, for template updates, this app can become very expensive. After a month of BOLD support, to be left with an app that is not fully functional for Black Friday is unacceptable. I would not recommend BOLD apps for any Out of the Sandbox themes. Before you purchase, make sure you are aware of additional install fees as they can get costly for a new store.

I am sorry BOLD, I do NOT recommend your products.


Yourturnkeystore 243
Environ 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
30 juin 2017

Good, but has a fatal flaw, maybe 2.

What I love: Points are tracked basically automatically, which is awesome. Customers do mention the points and "play the game", which means that they are engaged and spend with us so that they can use their points. I like how easy it is to adjust points on the backend if I like.

What's meh: tiered points structures seem like a good idea, the implementation is unclear and how one would actually service different lists of customers without using an additional (paid) bold app is beyond me. A built in motivator like a banner would be awesome.

What's a long-term dealbreaker that needs fixed PDQ: POS integration is severely lacking. Sure, customers can earn points from POS transactions (if and only if their email is attached to the order BEFORE the transaction), BUT customers cannot use their points to make purchases at the POS. In order for them to redeem points in-store, they have to sign into our website, look up the item/price, and then purchase it from the site.

This adds at least a few minutes to the transaction and tons of frustration.

Please please please figure out POS integration!

Sunflower Diaper Service
11 mois d’utilisation de l’application
3 mai 2020

It seems that currencies other than dollars (euro, yen, etc) cannot be set.
If possible, please let me know.

4 mois d’utilisation de l’application
10 juin 2016

This app is pretty good i guess but there are things that cab be done better by making it a little bit more user friendly but it is overall pretty good but the price is so expansive!

2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
30 septembre 2016

Great concept and it is mostly functional, but it's buggy and uses a lot of awkward hacks to show/hide/transform page contents and adds a strange custom checkout flow for reward redemptions. Some of the templates are actually loaded over AJAX and are therefore uneditable without CSS overrides and such. But since changes made via the app's CSS customization option only apply on some pages, you'll find yourself manually overriding styles in your theme's stylesheets.

Please improve this soon, I can't wait to rewrite this review.

26 jours d’utilisation de l’application