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12 de julho de 2024

Tarik was quite good at getting me to fix up my setup so that my clients could enjoy their loyalty points! He was helpful, patient & encouraging. The Loyalty App not works PERFECTLY & I'll be promoting it to our clients as I personally always enjoy using loyalty points with ease.
Now I'll have happier clients :)
Thank you Tarik!

Cydney Mar Wellness
Quase 7 anos usando o app
4 de julho de 2024

I had a question about upgrading my program and customer service was quick, gave me more details about the program and assisted me with how to make sure it was showing up on my site just like I wanted it to! 10/10!

House of eLLe
Estados Unidos
Quase 4 anos usando o app
28 de maio de 2024

We have been overcharged by hundreds of dollars for several months and when we brought this to the attention of the developers, we were offered a partial discount for one month!
Recently, we discovered that this app has changed their pricing structure and significantly reduced their monthly fees (hundreds of dollars less) however, because we were already a customer and were paying the higher fees, they continued to bill us and didn't bring to our awareness the changes. We were paying over $360/month and with their new pricing the cost was reduced to $39! They made the changes in February and have billed us over $1000 between then and now when we should have only been billed $156. When I discovered this, and brought it to their attention, I was simply told that they had made some changes and offered a credit of $167, less than half of one months subscription that we paid! We have been using this app for 4 years. It was very expensive but we initially used it because it was the only one that was compatible with another app that we had. This is a very basic loyalty app with limited functionality. Now that we have the ability to move to another loyalty program, we will switch. I feel like they have no loyalty to their customers, after over 4 years and many thousands of dollars, they wanted to continue to rip us off and not tell us that they had reduced the cost. Beware using this app, there are much better options available.

Discovery Fabrics
Mais de 4 anos usando o app
26 de abril de 2024

EXCELLENT service. Cannot recommend high enough.

Quase 6 anos usando o app
30 de maio de 2024

I have been able to turn my idea of a perfect loyalty program into reality with this product. Only now I'm able to reward my most loyal customers and show appreciation for trusting my brand.

Bósnia e Herzegovina
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
5 de junho de 2024

Haris helped me resolve my issue very quickly :) :)

ZUKi Pet
África do Sul
Quase 5 anos usando o app
22 de maio de 2024

This app is outstanding! It's very user friendly once you get the hang of it, and you can customize so much to really match your brand.

Customer service is top notch...especially Tarik!!! He deserves a raise! =)

MelyLu Sensory Play
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
20 de março de 2024

This app is amazing! Using for 4 months now. I was able to migrate my loyalty program from Lightspeed and everyone - thousands of customers - was able to keep their rewards AND continue to earn rewards at the same rate with just a change of terminology - instead of cash back it is now points - but the value is the same (because I set it to the value I desired.).
Recently we had a challenge with it where it stopped loading on shopify POS. The customers were still able to earn points but we could not apply them to a sale in person. The Team at SC Loyalty got right on it and emailed me regularly through the process until it was resolved. So grateful they were so responsive and that my customers are once again satisfied.
Thank you Shop Circle Loyalty!

Sacred Crystals
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando o app
29 de março de 2024

A few teething problems with the app working as set up, and then not. But all issues have been resolved and I like the app. I would like an automated email relating to the customer tiers, but other than this everything is now good.

Rainbow Nation
Reino Unido
4 meses usando o app
29 de abril de 2024

Amazing App, it does exactly what we need. Customers are happy with the ease of collecting and using their points. Customer service is also on point as well. this is the best Loyalty app I've used for Shopify.

3D Print Monkey
Reino Unido
Aproximadamente 21 horas usando o app