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Very expensive app which does not do justice to the spend. It shows you how much the member spend, but it does not say anything about the costs you are putting in, so you really do not know if it paying off unless you do the detailed calculation yourself.

AND; worse of all -it is impossible to cancel! I try to cancel, get a error message on the page in the app several times, contact the support, they say somebody will help you and then you hear nothing more. And the next payment is due. Very little trustworthy, I would even call it a scam. Stay away!

大约2年 人在使用应用
LoyaltyLion已回复 2024年3月27日

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I understand one of our Account Managers is working with your team directly to resolve the issues and support you moving forward. Please let us know if we can support in any other way.


The customer service once you have the app installed and are paying them the monthly fee is non existent. I joined in October 2023 - they pulled a price of $583 per month out of the air, after having asked me what my monthly turnover and AOV was.

Now that they have joined the App Store I see that I am being over charged. Not only that but during the on boarding call I took the advice of their staff member - he forgot some crucial details and I cannot get anyone to fix it. So basically I have sent 10 emails with no response whatsoever and I have to now disable the Loyalty on my business.

If they do not respond in the next few hours I am deleting it - even though from previous reviews I have read they make this next to impossible also. So my advice is stick to Smile.io. I wish I had.

Tailored Equestrian
6个月 人在使用应用
LoyaltyLion已回复 2024年4月11日

Thanks for taking the time to review our product and service. Firstly, I would like to apologise if our service hasn’t met your expectations. I’m aware that our Customer Success Director has reached out regarding your pricing concerns via email.

I wanted to address any concerns you have regarding the communication you have received from us. I wanted to highlight that our team have actively responded to your questions and concerns, and are happy to continue to do so, to help resolve any issues you may have. We look forward to continuing to help you.


We were using LoyaltyLion for 2 years. One day out of nowhere they decided to 2x our price. No communication, just updating our billing price to twice what it was. After using them 2 years, they have had zero improvements besides finally updating their UI. No new integrations. The only new tool they added was "Flows" and its behind a paywall. I would recommend you look into other companies who dont have shady practices like raising your price out of nowhere. I highly recommend Toki (buildwithtoki.com) as an alternative.

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LoyaltyLion已回复 2024年2月14日

Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We never want to feel like you’re not receiving a good level of service. Our VP has been in touch with you to share our terms and conditions and links to relevant information - we are waiting to hear back from you on this and are keen to resolve your concerns so please do get back in touch with us directly.


I recently installed the application for a new site. The application has many useful things. But I am hugely disappointed by the fact that if my store does not use a significant circulation language (English, French, Spanish) the program does not offer the possibility to do the translation yourself except for the amount of $10 per month, attention! every month not a single fee! (which would still be easier to accept) but why wouldn't it be free since I still make it and not the support team.
You disappointed me badly with this fee! It seems to me that you promote discrimination!

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LoyaltyLion已回复 2024年1月23日

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. Our Onboarding lead is keen to connect with you regarding your experience so far and has been emailing you to help, but is yet to receive a response. We do use a third party for managing translations within the app, which is why it is a separate fee. If we could do this for free, we absolutely would. We are still keen to help turn your experience around and have a number of options available to you so please do get in touch either in response to our previous emails or at support@loyaltylion.com


En suosittele. Ohjelman päivityksen jälkeen mikään ei toimi. Käyttöliittymä asiakkaalle surkea ja vaikeakäyttöinen.

5年多 人在使用应用
LoyaltyLion已回复 2024年3月27日

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. Our support team has been in touch regarding the issues you’re facing and we are waiting to hear back from you. We remain on hand to helping you solve any issues you are experiencing.


Have been trying to remove app from my store for days now and cancel my subscription. There’s no way to remove the app yourself with out the developer contacting you first . I’ve left several message with the app that I want to cancel my subscription and remove the app from my store but I’m being ignored . This app is very expensive over $400 a month and impossible to remove once installed . Shopify support is no help on this issue either . Please cancel my subscription and remove the app from my store .

Blink outside the box
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LoyaltyLion已回复 2023年7月27日

Thank you for your review! one of our Key Account Managers will be in touch to assist you with this shortly! As per previous communication - as you are billed via Shopify, this will need to be cancelled with them.

Our team will assist you in resolving this! We apologise for any inconvenience experienced.


During the sales process we were contacted on an almost weekly basis to get us to sign up. Since signing up, we've received pretty limited levels of support since the onboarding process was complete. When trying to schedule time for a quick call to walk through things, we get avoided and passed on to other people.

Be prepared to figure this all out on your own if you do go ahead with it. We're left pretty disappointed, especially given the cost and will look for alternatives before investing too much more in this.

Grub Club Pets
3个月 人在使用应用
LoyaltyLion已回复 2023年5月25日

Sorry to hear your have received a poor experience, I understand our Head Of Onboarding is working with your team directly to resolve the issues and support you moving forward. Please let us know if we can support in any other way!


Lack of customer support. Super slow response time on live chat. Tried to get a hold of someone to help us get set up for a few weeks now. Few calls of mine scheduled on their calendars were cancelled on their end. We just want to cancel and still haven't gotten a hold of anyone. Horrible, just horrible. Yotpo has the same features at half the price. Can't wait to be done with loyaltylion app. Hopefully this negative review gets them to get in contact with me to help with cancellation.

WAMA Underwear
3个月 人在使用应用
LoyaltyLion已回复 2023年5月17日

Dear WAMA Underwear,

Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience. Our Account Management department have sent a number of calendar invite links to your team to book in some time to discuss the initial upgrade you enquired about and then to discuss the cancelation request logged.

I believe someone on your team had originally booked a call in with the outbound sales team (responsible for new customers) but as you are an existing customer - this call needed to happen with the account management team (responsible for existing customers). This is why the scheduled call was cancelled, As highlighted we have sent a number of requests for a call since then.

Please respond to our latest email so we can help rectify the issue.


Scam! not recommended at all, I requested to cancel the subscription, and they charged me $499 after that. I will send a complaint to Shopify about that

Olife Mena
大约1年 人在使用应用
LoyaltyLion已回复 2023年6月28日

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. I believe the $499 payment deducted was due as part of a contractual payment balance, although you have requested to cancel, the previous payment was outstanding and due.

I can see that you are working directly with one of our senior leaders to resolve any outstanding issues and assist in your cancellation from our service.


Not a great start. We have installed the app and we are stuck on the onboarding screen which we cannot switch off. There is no "x" or "close" button. Chat support exists but they are replying very slowly and unwilling to help. It has been the second day of "using" or even not using the app and we cannot do anything.

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LoyaltyLion已回复 2023年5月17日

Hi TruClothing!

Thank you for your feedback, we are sorry to hear you are having a negative experience with LoyaltyLion.

The reason for seeing the onboarding screen which is stopping you from moving forward is due to exceeding the allotted order volume limit for the free plan (800 orders).

We are actively trying to engage with you on the situation and hope we hear back from your team soon so that we will be able to support/assist further