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Redigeret 5. april 2019

_______________________STAY AWAY_______________________
i canceled the next month subscription because they dont record a lot of connections then they canceled the current subscription that i already paid for.a lot of issues with this app.i don't recommend it

TV Services
14 dage bruger appen
Lucky Orange LLC svarede 5. april 2019

-------------Update April 16---------
Hi Amine, Unfortunately despite multiple attempts we have not been able to reach you to help resolve this issue. We hope to have the opportunity to get in touch soon so please reach out to our support team at or by giving us a call at +1-913-735-9032. Looking forward to having this resolved for you soon.
Hey TV Services Team.
Thanks for taking the time to leave this feedback. We apologize for any confusion regarding billing and for the frustrations that might have occurred. It sounds like there were some issues tracking on your site. We would love to have one of our developers take a look and get this figured out right away. We have already replied back to your email and will wait to hear back from you at your earliest convenience. Looking forward to connecting soon!

24. maj 2022

This is great app. Very useful, and provide crucial analytics and website visitor patterns so we can know how to adjust our website. Great idea!

Adore the Decor
Cirka 13 timer bruger appen
Lucky Orange LLC svarede 25. maj 2022

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you see exactly what’s stopping more visitors from turning into customers. Instead of blindly trying to improve your website, you could isolate the issue and fix it. Thanks again for your review and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

Cheers - Jordan D from Lucky Orange

5. juli 2020

The app itself is kind of bad poor work, but after no more pay rate it will have to fly every 2-3 days... Not like

11 dage bruger appen
Lucky Orange LLC svarede 13. juli 2020

Please accept our apologies for your frustrations. Our team would like to better understand your experience and how we could improve it. We’ve tried to reach out several times to connect with you but haven’t been able to get in touch. Please send an email to or call +1-913-735-9032. We want to make this right! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

5. september 2017

Hi, this is an awesome site, but the heatmaps dont work properly, and the live recording is a bit buggy.
I also test my site frequently, so it would be nice if it omitted my own browsing data, as it skews the results.
Add a feature to exclude activity from certain IP, an ill upgrade to 5*

12 dage bruger appen
1. juli 2021

No encontré la manera de ingresar a ella, me pide un correo que nunca ingrese para crear la cuenta porque la descargue directamente de Shopify y resulta que no reconoce el correo ni las claves, y si no puedo ingresar... NO ME SIRVE.
9 dage bruger appen
Lucky Orange LLC svarede 1. juli 2021

Thank you for your feedback. As I mentioned in my email, your site is set up correctly and tracking. We believe that this issue may be caused by an adblocker, whether it’s standard on your browser or an added extension.

Sometimes an adblocker or another browser extension can get in the way and prevent you from signing into Lucky Orange through Shopify. To work around this issue, try disabling your adblocker for You can also try to sign in through a new Incognito window (Chrome), private window (FireFox) or InPrivate window (Edge).

We would still like to connect with you to make sure you’re able to use Lucky Orange. We sent you an email shortly after your review came through, so all you need to do is reply to that email. We can also connect through WhatsApp, Google Meets or Microsoft Teams if that’s more convenient.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

Redigeret 6. september 2018

Took time to get customer service to respond. They stated they sent emails but I never received any (checked my spam folders as well) and my calls were not answered nor returned. After leaving a bad review I received a phone call immediately!

The issue is finally fixed!

App works well but there are times when the tracking is a bit off.

Adorn Monogram Gifts
8 dage bruger appen
1. december 2015

I have contacted lucky orange multiple times, with 0 resolutions nor responses for well over 3 weeks now. I am extremely displeased after paying for my membership.

Store Xxi
8 dage bruger appen
29. december 2019

The app is not loading when clicked on

i have installed it and once i click on it, it comes to a blank screen

7 dage bruger appen
Lucky Orange LLC svarede 16. januar 2020

We are glad to have been able to resolve your issue. Please don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions!

Cheers- Bradley from Lucky Orange

Redigeret 4. januar 2021

Preciso de ajuda urgente com o app. Não quero dar uma avaliação ruim pois gostei do app mais estou tendo problemas e não sei como contatar o suporte do app e isso é negativo pois deveria estar bem claro e fácil esta opção!!!!

F.M.A MultiServiços Comércio Eletrônico e Serviços
8 dage bruger appen
Lucky Orange LLC svarede 7. januar 2021

Bom dia! We’re sorry for the frustrations you’ve had - this certainly isn’t the experience we want for any of our customers. After connecting via email earlier this week, I’m glad that we were able to help solve the issues you had and get you back on track. If there’s anything we can do to make your experience a great one, please let us know!

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

21. juli 2020

I just installed the app yesterday. I have a new store and I'm steady making changes to it. I do not like that my numbers and information is wrong because the app was tracking me as I made changes. If this can be fixed I will keep it.

Just Pretty Beauty Supply
8 dage bruger appen
Lucky Orange LLC svarede 24. juli 2020

Thank you for your feedback and review. We’re sorry to hear about your Lucky Orange experience! To block your own IP address from being tracked, you can follow the easy steps here: For the other issues you’re experiencing, we would like to connect with you to get these resolved ASAP. I’ve tried to reach out to you several times over the last week, but we haven’t been able to connect. At your earliest convenience, please reach out to us by phone (text or call) at +1-913-200-3927 or email at I look forward to connecting with you soon to get these outstanding issues resolved!

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange