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27. juni 2015

I've used many apps, but Lucky Orange is hands down the most useful one on the market. It provides you so much important information you otherwise would not have. 100% recommend to any shop owner.

Tantamount Apparel Co
Redigeret 19. september 2015

If you haven't heard of Lucky Orange or used it before you have no idea what you are missing out on. Forget all the extra bells and whistles they give you (which are amazing) the core process here is watching video recordings of what exactly your customers did on your website.

What did the customer type? What pages did they go to? Where did they pause? Where did they get confused? Why is there an unknown bug on a certain page you never noticed before that is the sole reason people are not converting?

These questions are all answered and more.

Imagine the first time someone told you about "screen sharing" and that you can share your screen with someone, it was mind blowing.

Well install Lucky Orange, listen for the doorbell sound when your visitors come, watch them live on your website, or go into the recordings and watch ANY visitor and exactly what happened on your website.

I promise you to be mind blown again and get addicted to it.

It's bringing the "security camera" + seemingly impossible analytics to your online store.

Lucky Orange simply rocked the whole app industry with this one.

Any store that wants to survive should front the $10 for this app, the data is simply too important to not have, it's invaluable.

13. februar 2016

Very useful for seeing how users use

2. juni 2016

Oh man, the insight you gain from this app is crazy!

22. februar 2017

Amazing tool for optimizing your site. See where customers are struggling to improve user flow!

15. april 2017

I LOVE this app. It has been so helpful in finding out where are customers are coming from, and what pages they leave from. I love the live recordings and being able to initiate chat with customers. I'm hoping it will help with our first sale soon. I also really appreciate the daily email updates and seeing how my shop is performing day over day.

15. marts 2017

Really great for finding out exactly what your visitors are doing on your website! Amazing information!

22. marts 2017

Truly an amazing app that will provide you with very useful feedback, super interesting to know how your visitors interact with your website and also have the ability to even chat with them! If you need an app that will deep dive your store to help you grow, this is the way to go! Look no further!

I Have A Secret Admirer
11. oktober 2017

How amazing is it to view your visitors interact with your store? How incredible is it to make adjustments based on their visiting/shopping behaviour!? Super recommended App! This app is a MUST! Thank you!

27. august 2018

This is actually such a useful and insightful app! No matter what stage of business you are at you will learn and benefit from analyzing your customers activities. 7 day free trial is worth testing it out, you can gain a lot of data from those 7 days at the very least! Great job Lucky Orange, I'm impressed :)