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20 de junio de 2023

Extremely helpful app to monitor customer's interaction. Especially beneficial for new sites as mine. Excellent support on hand.

Pure Outdoor
Reino Unido
38 minutos usando la aplicación
Lucky Orange LLC respondió 30 de junio de 2023

Thanks for your review! We're excited to hear that Lucky Orange has been especially beneficial for your new site. Providing effective support, especially for newly launched businesses, is a crucial part of our mission. Happy tracking!

Cheers - Jordan

6 de junio de 2016

Best app for shopify!!!! Highly recommended for anyone looking to run a shopify store. Easy to use, very self explanatory layout & design. All the tools you need to understand the traffic & popularity of your site. Real time feed on twitter showing you tweets made about your products.

Estados Unidos
34 minutos usando la aplicación
3 de diciembre de 2020

Lucky Orange has been an absolute blessing for my startup ecommerce website. Originally, my facebook ads were getting a lot of interactions yet nobody was actually purchasing anything, I couldn't figure out why. Lucky Orange literally showed me click by click what any potential customer is doing on my website which allowed me to figure out why they didn't make a purchase (description might be to little, interactives might not be good enough, etc..). I highly recommend downloading this app, they offer a free trial which is it what I took in the beginning and now I'm in love. Thank you for providing such a great tracking app for such a low price, as a small ecommerce business my partner and I really appreciate it/

Pet Hangers
Estados Unidos
11 minutos usando la aplicación
Lucky Orange LLC respondió 4 de diciembre de 2020

Wow! It sounds like you’ve been able to dive right into the insights and find ways to improve your website. We love to hear that Lucky Orange insights gave you that front row experience to show you how visitors use your website and drive changes that have helped grow your business. Thank you for sharing that Lucky Orange love, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of service in any way! Happy tracking!

Cheers - Jordan from Lucky Orange

21 de abril de 2023

We've been using Lucky Orange for the past 5 years and have had a great experience. Their interface allows us to watch our clients journey through our site, highlights where they are going and what buttons they are clicking on. It's allowed us to re-frame our layout to give our clients the best experience possible and ultimately lead to more conversions. Bradley and his team are amazing, highly recommend!

JK & Co. Jewelers
Estados Unidos
10 minutos usando la aplicación
Lucky Orange LLC respondió 24 de abril de 2023

WOW! Thank you so much for your review and business over all these years. Thrilled to hear that Lucky Orange has helped you optimize your store’s layout and improve your clients' experiences. We're grateful for your continued support and look forward to serving you and your team in the future.

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange

18 de abril de 2023

Based on the demo we’ve seen, Lucky Orange seems like a great product with a variety of useful features. We are looking forward to using the app and hope it will help us improve our website.

Melvin & Hamilton
10 minutos usando la aplicación
Lucky Orange LLC respondió 18 de abril de 2023

I love talking with our customers about how to best leverage Lucky Orange, and I’m so glad you found the call beneficial! We’re always here to support our customer’s success and are thrilled that we were able to impress you with our technology, onboarding and customer support. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your store’s journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of service in any way. Happy tracking!

Cheers - Emilia from Lucky Orange

31 de mayo de 2021

I have never written review for any shopify app so far, but I felt not writing for lucky orange is injustice. Its simply the best, exactly tells you where you lack. The things that you have-not focused but matters to customers can only be known when you see how customer acts on your site. Massive respect for its developers.

Estados Unidos
4 minutos usando la aplicación
Lucky Orange LLC respondió 1 de junio de 2021

It’s an honor to be worthy of your first Shopify review! These are words we absolutely love to hear. It sounds like you’ve been able to dive right in to find ways to improve your website. Being able to see firsthand how customers spend time on your website can make a huge difference for your website and customer experience. I’m here if you have any questions! Thanks for sharing the Lucky Orange love.

Cheers - Jordan from Lucky Orange

31 de julio de 2019

It is a great app to track your visitors insights. I've not been much familiar with this app because LO offers a 7 day free trial and I am a newbie to it. I would be glad if LO offered me another a Month Free Trial. Thanks, Great app. Recommended app.

1 minuto usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 19 de septiembre de 2015

If you haven't heard of Lucky Orange or used it before you have no idea what you are missing out on. Forget all the extra bells and whistles they give you (which are amazing) the core process here is watching video recordings of what exactly your customers did on your website.

What did the customer type? What pages did they go to? Where did they pause? Where did they get confused? Why is there an unknown bug on a certain page you never noticed before that is the sole reason people are not converting?

These questions are all answered and more.

Imagine the first time someone told you about "screen sharing" and that you can share your screen with someone, it was mind blowing.

Well install Lucky Orange, listen for the doorbell sound when your visitors come, watch them live on your website, or go into the recordings and watch ANY visitor and exactly what happened on your website.

I promise you to be mind blown again and get addicted to it.

It's bringing the "security camera" + seemingly impossible analytics to your online store.

Lucky Orange simply rocked the whole app industry with this one.

Any store that wants to survive should front the $10 for this app, the data is simply too important to not have, it's invaluable.

Estados Unidos
13 de febrero de 2016

Very useful for seeing how users use

Reino Unido
9 de junio de 2015

A must have App for anyone looking get detailed analytics on customer behaviour on their store. Being able to view in real-time how visitors are interacting with your site is a super awesome feature within lucky orange!

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