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Jenston Girl

Location United States

So what I gather from their rejection letter and their reply to my first review is they are not in business to help other businesses grow, they are in business to bank off what you already have going and if it's not enough, then it's a no go. See their rejection letter below:

Sorry, your application has been rejected. Thank you for your interest in Lyst! Currently we are unable to accept your application, but thought you might appreciate more information about how these decisions are made. As a data driven company, we look at a number of factors including search volume and product catalogue size as a proxy to determine if our customers would be likely to search and buy your products. To add a new retailer to Lyst, we also look at projected revenue potential as each integration must make a return on our investment. Based on the data we have right now, we do not believe that we would generate enough revenue to justify working together at this time. We do assess this regularly, so we will be in touch if we are able to include your store in the future. Thank you again for your application - we really appreciate it! Best wishes, The Lyst team.......If you don't use Shopify payment gateway, don't even waste your time. It's one of the first questions they asked.

Developer reply

July 1, 2022

Thank you for your review, although we do have this as part of our onboarding form it is not required to join Lyst at this stage. We have updated our checkout to give our members the best experience which will improve conversion rate and in turn drive more sales to our partners, which is why we have this as part of our onboarding form. The question on the form is in fact optional as we do have other payment gateways available so do feel free to apply to be considered. Please feel free to email us to find out more. Thank you, Lyst.

Matador Meggings

They rejected our application with absolutely no explanation. We're a legit business that got featured in dozens of reputable magazines so we can't figure out why. We emailed them 3 times but they never responded. It's very poor customer service. If you have an issue with them, there's no way you can reach them or get a response.

Developer reply

December 17, 2021

Hi Matador Meggings team, unfortunately we cannot onboard all merchants. in reviewing new partnership opportunities we mainly look at the level of demand for the brand that we see from our customers. Right now, because of the way that Lyst is used (as a search rather than discovery tool), we typically find that brands with less awareness simply don't get surfaced enough to users to drive meaningful performance. We are dedicated to delivering value to our customers and partners and we really want to be transparent about the chances for success on Lyst. Our list of requirements are also outlined within our description which is why we do not give individual reasons for not onboarding partners. Thank you for considering Lyst.

Smiths Fashion

They do not respond to applications. Waste of time to be honest. Tried chasing them eight times. Application still under review after nearly three months I posted that in October 2019. It took them 13 months to reply. That kind of sums them up to be honest

Developer reply

November 6, 2020

Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear that you haven't had a response from us. Thanks for sharing your feedback as this helps us to make improvements to our product and service. In which case we would encourage you to reapply as we have now updated our criteria to enable more partners to join Lyst.


Absolute garbage, avoid this app, application rejected!
Absolute garbage, avoid this app, application rejected!


Do not waste your time with them.

After almost one month under an account review they told me they not believe that my products would generate enough revenue to
justify working together at this time. I only sell products from luxury brands so did not understand this monopoly and disrespectful point of view.

Baxter Manor

elitists... LOL... they have no clue what they are doing - the app is horrible. elitists... LOL... they have no clue what they are doing - the app is horrible.


As a luxury handbags retailer I feel there is no reason for my brand NOT to be on Lyst, nevertheless the application was rejected - why? I think we should be given feedback so that we can potentially fix whatever the rejection reason is. I am currently on made-to-order, however no different to other brands (who I won't name here) on Lyst. I guess it could be that I am a new brand, however if platforms reject new brands(even if they may be better than others) how are we meant to grow? Seems to be very non-friendly towards establishing brands whereas these are the ones needing the most support.


I am unsure why Shopify has chosen to partner with Lyst. I have a business similar to one that is featured on Lyst (The Real Real). Granted my business is quite a bit smaller but I carry the same products ranging from $10,000 Dior handbags to Chanel pumps reselling for $350. So, if some people are rejected because there products don't fit with lyst then what about those of us selling products that are featured on Lyst. Who exactly do they want to use this app. What benefit does Shopify think this app is to it's current users if the criteria isn't met by any of us.

I actually thought I was accepted as I was able to go through the process of adding my products to LYST (or so I thought). I wrote to LYST and asked how I could see my products. I received this reply:

Thank you so much for your interest in Lyst. We regret to inform you that your application have been rejected.

By way of background, Lyst is used as a fashion search platform by our customers - they’re coming to us looking for specific items, rather than to browse and discover new brands. One of the key criteria we look for in new partners is therefore the level of search for the brand (along with positioning, pricing, number of SKUs etc).

At present, the level of demand by the Lyst customer is too low for a partnership with you. We do however re-evaluate these criteria on a regular basis, so I will keep your details on file for now and be in touch should the situation change.

Our best,
The Lyst team

Silver Star Charms

I wouldn't recommend Lyst. I don't know what it's like to sell with them because my application was rejected so I can't comment on that aspect. What I can comment on is that, not only did it take days for my application to be reviewed, when it eventually was I was only informed by means of a red banner in my Shopify store telling me:
"Sorry, your application has been rejected. Your application to Lyst Connect was rejected. Please get in touch with our partnerships team if you would like to get more details about this decision."

Call me old fashioned but I think an email, even if just an automated one, saying thank you for your interest and a reason for an application not being accepted, would be professional.

I thought I'd probably be too small a business to be accepted so it wasn't a surprise when the application was rejected but what was a surprise was that when I emailed them to get some details about why my application was unsuccessful, I received an auto reply saying that they only respond to successful applicants.

I think Shopify are fantastic and I've never had cause for complaint (and am not complaining about Shopify now) but I do think that associating with a company with such an unprofessional way of operating is a bad fit and could potentially be damaging to Shopify's excellent reputation.


Still haven't heard back from this app rep yet? I have been checking the "Lyst Box" for a lot of our products but still unsure if we will be featured/partnered with them. How soon do they get back to you???

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