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Make sure your emails get into the inbox, not the spam folder

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Send Emails That Sell

Flows to help you convert leads, save abandoned carts and win back lapsed customers. See your emails on the major devices before you send.

Avoid the Spam Folder

We have partnered with Postmark to get you the best deliverability so you'll get around 10% more of your emails getting to the inbox.

Help from our AI

Our deep learning AI will recommend the right products, find customers to clear overstocks and even help you with suggested subject lines.

Over Machine Labs ‑ Email & Pop‑ups

1. Send Emails That Sell

We help you get the flows right to convert leads, save abandoned carts and win back lapsed customers. Our AI tool gives you suggested subject lines and, unlike the leading software, our device previews will show you exactly how the email will look.

2. Avoid The Spam Folder

We have partnered with Postmark to get you the best deliverability in the industry so that you'll get around 10% more of your emails getting into the inbox rather than disappearing into the junk folder. Try today to see how much your open rate increases by.

3. Send At The Right Time

An extra 1% of your emails being opened on every send adds up to a big gain. Our AI analyzes each customer’s habits and sends the email on the best day at the best time for each subscriber rather than treating the whole list the same as other software does.

4. AI Product Recommendations

Upgrade to Machine Labs and get better product recommendations than other email products. You’ll benefit from the same deep machine learning as used on to get higher click rates and more conversions.

5. Stop Customers Leaving

We can detect when a potential customer is about to leave your website and show them a popup to give them an offer or get their email address. Grow your list more than 10x faster than a conventional newsletter signup link.

6. Sell to Unsubscribes

You can’t email your unsubscribes but you can create a Facebook custom audience to reach them with targeted advertising – make sure your privacy policy allows it! If 30% of your list has unsubscribed that could be 30% more sales you’re missing out on.

7. Perfect Your Product Range

Discover your gateway and terminal products (leading to best and worst lifetime values), remove the most refunded products and go big on the most re-ordered. Learn what products have the highest conversion rate on your email marketing.

8. Sell Excess Stock

End of season, size fragmentation or use by dates can all mean particular products need to be sold quickly. Our AI will find the right customers for your excess stock and for clothing brands you can also segment by size.

9. Works With Your Apps

Over 3,000 integrations available so Machine Labs can join your team and work with your other apps. You could get contacts from Typeform or make sure customers with an open support ticket don’t get marketing emails or work with Google Spreadsheets.

10. What Do Your Customers Think?

Check how your shipping, customer service, product range and quality compares to your competitors so you know what needs to be fixed and where you’re doing great. A word cloud shows what your customers are thinking.

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  • Google Forms,
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  • Typeform

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4.9 van 5 sterren

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Bug Bakes

This app has been a fantastic tool for our business. There is always a learning curve when getting to grips with an app with as many features as this, however Machine Labs is defintiely easier to pick up and more intuitive than others I have tried in the past. We generated hundreds of pounds worth of sales with our very first email, and set up automated NPS tracking which has been invaluable in figuring out where to improve. Best of all, their customer service has been second to none and new features have already been implemented based on my feedback. Great value app that's only getting better!

Mother Grey's

Although I am still getting used to all the functionalities, I really appreciate this app, especially the metrics view. Emma has been very supportive in answering questions especially with the time difference across seas. I love the ease of setting up automations, especially since I am just learning about owning a store all together, it is great to leave certain things up to the app. 4 stars in no way has to do with her assistance. There are a couple things I wish it could do however. 1) It would be great if it could keep the existing version of edits made to email lead conversions. Lets say I misspelled something and had to go back and edit the content, it then creates a new version of the automation and only maintains the the metrics from the previous version, not carrying them over into the edited updated email. It would be nice to make edits and keep the version or delete the old version altogether. 2) Related to 1) is the preview feature allowing the user to preview the entire email before making a new edit and not just the top half of the email, that way we are not creating a new version again if we are able to see that nothing needs to be changed. 3) It would be so helpful is automation templates could be saved the same way as campaign templates. 4) The option to delete certain metrics that may be test metrics and automation versions in the same way customer contacts could be deleted. (although I understand the store owner needs to go into their internal store and scrub test orders) But overall I really like it. I'll happily enhance my review once I am more familiar with the app

Debra's Passion Boutique

Excellent app. So happy to have found this! I used to spend four times as much on an email system, this one does the best. Fastest customer service located in Scotland, best time to reach is in the am. I love the GIF option, it makes my emails so cute. I add my rows, add my options, can make segments and templates and save them. It's an easy read admin and easy to find my sales report and customers coming in under my amazing pop up! I am so in love with this app.