Maestro Shoppable Livestreams

Maestro Shoppable Livestreams

av Maestro Interactive, Inc.

Sell products on your own white label video platform

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Create a Home Shopping Network

Seamless shopping experiences built into live streams

Convert Viewers into Customers

Powerful engagement tools to monetize your audience

No Coding Required

Point. Click. Make Money. Launch in a matter of hours.

Om Maestro Shoppable Livestreams

About Maestro Shoppable Livestreams

Consumers are much more likely to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video. The internet has made buying after watching easier, but we're still mainly using the 93-year-old TV format; it's a one-way and passive experience. Captive digital audiences are valuable and it’s time to extract that value in dollars. Maestro transforms video into a two-way experience with tools to build stronger relationships with audiences. Every moment of engagement is an opportunity to create a new customer and it all starts with installing this app.

Think of Maestro as if Twitch and Wix had a baby--it’s a white label solution that makes it easy to create an interactive streaming destination on your own website or app. Host unique live events -- an intro to coffee pairings for your roastery, an in-depth interactive makeup tutorial, or a sustainability and sourcing Q&A for your newest line of jeans -- with integrated Shopify checkout flows that let your customers buy while they watch.

Core Features

  • A streaming platform on your own app or website, with Shopify natively built-in
  • Fully customizable to match you brand’s unique look and feel
  • Interactive overlays drive audiences to buy at key moments in your content
  • Viewers complete Shopify transactions without leaving the stream
  • A suite of engagement features: chat, polls/trivia, Q&A, gamification, and raffles
  • Monetization tools including ticketing, subscriptions, donations, and advertising
  • Collect email addresses and pixel viewers to enhance marketing strategies
  • Analytics dashboard to understand your customer-base and optimize
  • Turnkey setup; no coding or technical knowledge required




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