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Magento Importer

Magento Importer

Developed by Shopify

34 reviews
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  • Import your Magento products on to Shopify
  • Supports products, collections, and customers
  • Handles product variations, images, weight, and inventory

*This app is currently being updated by Shopify. Please contact us here for the best alternatives, or email plus@shopify.com.

Tired of all the frustration with your Magento shop? We hear ya, so we’ve built an app that will simplify making the move from Magento to Shopify!

The Magento Importer is an easy-to-use migration tool that will copy all of your existing Magento products (variations, images, weight, and inventory), product collections and customers into your Shopify store.

Magento Importer reviews (28)


Very nice app, used it on 2 stores now :). Would recommend.


This app is beautiful. It has saved me well over 10-20 hours of work.

When technology works, it makes life easier. Shopify just gets it. Thanks Shopify.


Left the Magento platform to use Shopify moving forward, this app helped the easy transition between doing so and making sure all our products and SKU's were imported correctly.


I read the reviews but I never had any of the problems most people are stating. No plugin is perfect. You still have to do some work.


It pulled everything in; however, it pulled every simple product over as its own product. The configurable products in magento aren't translating into choppily products with variants. More importantly, it didn't import description OR the Barcode. Can't get a straight answer from support other than "are your settings correct?" I'm sorry, did I miss the part of this app where you can actually map items?! Would love to hear something more from support - which btw, took over 48 hours to get any sort of response from.


After a couple of false starts trying to get a Role / User set up in Magento (the help documentation on Shopfiy is a bit out of date in terms of screen shots - should I had to take an educated guess) - I did manage to get the App working and it imported all my products from Magento into Shopify.


For me, it did bring the variations across for each product - size etc.
It also brought pricing, inventory, title, images etc.

The only issue that I have is that it didn't bring the all the "description" across. I can go through and cut and paste this - but I may just try support first to see if there is a quick fix.


I have to agree with other reviewers here unfortunately, this tool really needs some attention. First import attempt died the first time it encountered a product that had options it didn't like. There was no notification, I checked back hours later wondering what happened and found it stuck. Deleted the offending product from Magento, tried again, this time the import failed with an ssl error after transferring a handful more data. Again no notification. If this were the only option for a Magento -> Shopify transfer I'd never actually be able to switch to Shopify.


might be worst Shopify-provided app to-date.
tried countless times and each time it timed out and froze.

You would think they would perfect an app that sole purpose was to convert businesses off of their largest global competitor.


Cant even get to the dashboard that it tells you to got to in order to open the app, very confusing. better to load manually.


garbage, and no one can help ..


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