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12 aprile 2024

Didn't work the way it's advertised to work. Couldn't get in touch with support despite their claims that they respond immediately. Waste of time and money.

BARA Woodshaping & Design
Stati Uniti
Circa 7 ore di utilizzo dell’app
28 gennaio 2024

Can anybody help me? I have issues with this app and I haven't received a response from them in 36 hours now...I don't know what I am paying for.

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11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
4 marzo 2024

El "Ajuste avanzado" No funciona en múltiples productos
Aunque elimines una insignia, los productos aun la conservan activa
y por ultimo no puedes quitar la insignia a múltiples productos

26 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
6 dicembre 2021

This is a terrible app that basically washed away the name of all the products and the prices from our entire shop. this happened to use before Black Friday weekend and we didnt notice it. Unfortunately we probably lost a lot of sales because of this issue. Beware of free apps, we learned the hard way....

Football Town Global
Paesi Bassi
7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
MyShopKit ha risposto 6 dicembre 2021

Hi there,
Firstly, We're really sorry for my mistake!
Our developers resolved the issue right after getting your feedback.
Best regards,

19 gennaio 2022

Have not been able to get this app to work at all. It looks almost as if the dashboard itself is half cut off. Reached out for help a few times & was ignored. It's a shame because I was really excited about this & planning to upgrade to the paid plan. Glad I didn't.

CM Stars Creations
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36 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
MyShopKit ha risposto 19 gennaio 2022

Hi there,
First of all, We are sorry for the issue you were having!
I checked the App right after getting your feedback and it's working on the demo guess there is a conflict with a third-party app on your site and it causes this issue.
Could you please install the App again and I'll check the issue for you?
Best regards,

16 giugno 2023

difficult to use, totally useless. banners do not even appear on product pages. do not waste your time
13 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
MyShopKit ha risposto 16 giugno 2023

On behalf of the MyShopKit Team, I sincerely apologize for any negative experiences you had with our app. It deeply saddens us to know that you have decided to discontinue using our services.

Our goal is to always provide our customers with an exceptional experience, and we are disappointed that we did not meet your expectations.

We understand your frustration when the issues came and you had to spend a lot of time with it but from the bottom of my hearts, we do want to assist you anytime you need us. And along with that, we are committed to continuously improving both our app and support team to meet the demands of our users.

We sincerely hope to have more valuable opportunities to assist you.
Best Regards,