Magic Freeship Bar

Magic Freeship Bar

開發者:Smart Ecom Tech

Free shipping bar with cart goal and progress to boost sales


Full Customization

All styles will be customizable and mobile responsive! Apply the theme and text to match the theme of your store.

Progressive Cart Goal Messages

Display the cart’s progress towards the free shipping goal. Keep your customers engaged & increase their cart values!

Discount Code Option

Choose between revealing a free shipping discount code or having your code auto apply once the free shipping goal is reached!

有關 Magic Freeship Bar


Level up your business and unlock success by downloading Magic Freeship Bar. This app will encourage your customers to spend more in order to receive a free shipping offer. Keep your customers engaged by having a customizable bar design that displays a progessive message that motivates them to reach their free shipping goal while shopping on your online store. Move forward with Magic Freeship Bar and increase the sales now!

Why download Magic Freeship Bar

Magic Freeship Bar will not only notify customers about the free shipping offer, but it will also keep your customers engaged and encourage them to spend more in order to reach the free shipping offer goal.

Easily set up the free shipping goal and click ‘Save’. The dynamic message bar will automatically update the customer’s progress for each product added to the cart. The free shipping discount will automatically be applied to the customer's order.

The free shipping bar can also be customized to your needs. You can customize the display position, message, text color, background color, and much more. You also have an option to choose the discount code method. You can either have it be revealed once the customer reached the goal or applied automatically.

Key Features of Magic Freeship Bar

  • Promote the free shipping offer in a customizable bar
  • Show progressive message for each item added to the cart
  • Displays a congratulations message when the customer reaches the free shipping offer goal
  • Fully customizable design (text color, background, opacity, close button, display position)
  • Preconfigured bar theme (Black Friday, Valentine, Halloween, New Year, Christmas)
  • Customizable content: customize your promotion, progress, and congratulation message
  • Automatically apply free shipping or reveal discount code selection
  • Automatically create a free shipping discount code within the app
  • Supports emojis
  • Responsive and optimized for all screen sizes including mobile, desktop, and tablet

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Unlimited Plan

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  • Full Customization
  • One-Click Install
  • Email Support

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