Magic Image SEO Optimizer

Magic Image SEO Optimizer

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Increase Store Load Speed Up To 80% Faster By Just One Click

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Image Compression

Reduce your image size without jeopardizing the image quality while safely storing the original & compressed images for 30 days.

Boost Website Load Speed

Improve page speed by reducing the bandwidth required to display your images. Compressed images will accelerate the overall loading time.

Increase SEO Traffic

Earn both explicit and implicit SEO benefits by adding alt text to your website images. Help search engines index your images properly.

Magic Image SEO Optimizer 정보

Why You Need Magic Image SEO Optimizer:

Ready to speed up your store, improve your SEO, and provide the ultimate user experience?

Magic Image SEO Optimizer uses compression technology to help improve the speed of loading images on your webpage while utilizing the alt text attribution for better SEO optimization.

Want to stay on Google’s good side? Magic Image SEO Optimizer makes adding alternative text to your images even easier! Have search engine crawlers discover your product images and increase organic traffic to your websites. Alt text helps search engines recognize what your image contains and ranks it accordingly.

The faster your store loads, the better the experience is for your customers! Magic Image SEO Optimizer helps to increase the loading time for your page by decreasing the size of your images without reducing quality. Supporting all types of images (including GIF)! Compressing your images results in a lighter weighted page, making it faster to load for your visitors.

How It Works:

Once you install Magic Image SEO Optimizer, you will be prompted to a menu of functions to choose from: Optimize Selected, Optimize All, Upload & Optimize, Image SEO, Image Revert.

  1. Optimize Selected: Select the specific images that you want to compress for your website.
  2. Optimize All: Compress all your images for your website in just one click.
  3. Upload & Optimize: Upload images from your local drive to compress.
  4. Image SEO: In just one click, change the alt tag for all of your images or just the selected images.
  5. Image Revert: In just one click, revert all of your compressed images or selected images back to the original image.

When you optimize your images, they will be stored in the app for 30 days. If during that time frame you want to go back to your original images, you have the option on the app to revert the compressed images back.

Install Magic Image SEO Optimizer and try it out today!

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무료 설치

$2.99 per extra storage

  • 20MB image optimization usage for FREE
  • Upload & Optimize
  • 30 Days back up



  • 500MB image optimization usage per month
  • One-click optimize & revert
  • Image SEO
  • 30 Days back up
  • #1 Email support



  • 2G image optimization usage per month
  • One-click optimize & revert
  • Image SEO
  • 30 Days back up
  • #1 Email support



  • 5G image optimization usage per month
  • One-click optimize & revert
  • Image SEO
  • 30 Days back up
  • #1 Email support

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