Magic Order Cancellation

Magic Order Cancellation

af Smart Ecom Tech

Automated and One-click order refund & cancellation form

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1-Click Cancellation & Refund

Display on the order status page and allow your customer to cancel or refund an order in one click.

Set Your Own Rules

Choose to fully/partially refund, automatically/manually refund and approve order cancellations, automatically restock items, and many more.

Customizable Language & Design

Whether you want to change the language or add emoji, you can edit the form's text or button any way you like.

Om Magic Order Cancellation

Why With Magic Order Cancellation?

When customers provide incorrect shipping information or simply change their minds, they may need to cancel their order. The cancellation process might not be as smooth or as easy as you expected. You might need a few minutes to handle it or even completely forget about the process. Not only that, but customers will also contact your customer support team to cancel an order. It could take at least 10 minutes to respond to each, which is very time-consuming. As your business grows, this problem will become more serious. Each minute wasted will be costly as it is better to spend it on supporting another customer or expanding your business to increase sales.

Magic Order Cancellation will help you and your customers simplify cancellations and refunds to save you time and earn more revenue. Your customers will only have a few clicks of a button to request a cancellation. You can automatically approve the cancellation, fully or partially refund the order immediately, or even choose to restock the items automatically. You and your customers can now save more time.

Fulfilled or partially fulfilled orders could be refunded automatically within the thank you page. The cancellation/refund records will be displayed when customers request a cancellation/refund. You no longer need to cancel the orders through the Shopify backend. To increase your convenience and save your time, you can decide to approve a cancellation from this report if you set the rule to approve the cancellation manually.

You can customize the content of your likings on the design page if you wish to change the language, add emojis, or simply change the button or the message. Download Magic Order Cancellation and grow your business now!

Magic Order Cancellation Features:

  • In-app manual cancellation
  • Order search feature
  • Order cancellation fulfillments restrictions
  • Auto approve cancellation
  • Auto refund orders
  • Auto restock items
  • Full & partial refund
  • Order Cancellation & Custom Reason
  • Custom button & message



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  • Unlimited auto refund orders
  • Unlimited auto cancel orders
  • Unlimited auto restocking unfulfilled orders

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