Organic Soaps ‑ Dropshipping

Organic Soaps ‑ Dropshipping

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Sell natural soap products with your custom packaging

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Organic Ingredients

Create custom packaging for your soap bars that will be formulated on-demand to customers using organic ingredients sourced in Canada.

Sustainably Produced

Add natural & sustainably produced products to your store that ship directly to customers with low-cost shipping via USPS and Canada Post.

Cruelty-free Formulas

Sell natural products that are crafted without artificial colorants and packaged into custom boxes that can be customized with your logos.

Organic Soaps ‑ Dropshipping 정보

Create your soap bars

Parter with MagicSoaps to make your organic soap bars that are made in Canada with natural ingredients and ship worldwide with low-cost shipping to your customers in custom-made packaging that you can customize.

With our app you can give customers a way to support your brand without having to order products in bulk, having to buy shipping boxes for yourself, or going to the post office to drop off your orders. We'll handle all of the logistics so you can focus on growing your business instead of shipping orders every day.

You can customize the visuals of your soap bar with your brand name or artwork. Provide us with high-quality print files from Adobe Illustrator or Canva PDF and your packaging will get inked with your unique illustrations. You can use any high-quality logos, colors, fonts, or images you want on your packaging.

Customers can purchase products from your Shopify store or any connected sales channels like Etsy. After each order, you'll pay for the formulation + shipping cost to get the order produced before the order starts the delivery process to the customer.

If your customers are mostly in the United States or Canada we can provide a fast shipping experience through USPS. Outside of the United States and Canada, we rely on a carrier called A La Poste which provides reliable deliveries but parcels could take up a month to arrive depending on the distance shipped from Canada. We're happy to ship products to other countries. We currently support Canada, United States, Australia, France, Japan, or New Zealand.

We have a fair returns policy; your customers should love your natural Canadian-made soap bars! If an order is defective or incomplete, please contact us and we’ll replace that item for the customer.

MagicSoaps offers you the ability to sell your products with our quick and easy integration, solid e-commerce foundation, and unlimited support to help you succeed. We provide everything you need to sell organic soap bars on your storefront for a small monthly fee.


  • Carthook,
  • USPS,
  • Canada Post,
  • Canva,
  • Zipify

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Shipping costs not included.

  • Works with Etsy
  • Organic ingredients
  • Zero minimum orders
  • Design your packaging
  • Try a personal sample

Small Business


연당 1회 $48 로 청구

Shipping costs are paid by customers

  • All free features
  • Accept unlimited orders
  • Direct-to-customer shipping
  • Made fresh for each customer

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.

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Keystone Grove

This is a life changer for me. After two arduous years of research and discovery in sourcing organic products, I found Magic Soaps. I was so impressed and excited to find them. The app is very fun and easy to use, integrates well with the store. Certified and guaranteed - your expectations are more than met. The products are GENUINELY ETHICALLY and NATURALLY made. Keira is very kind and professional, the company is very trustworthy. Great job you guys. Great shipping service too! You will be very impressed.

개발자 회신

2021년 10월 9일

We're so happy you love the formulas! I've shared your super-kind feedback with my team. Thank you so much for being a customer! - Keira

Awareness Boutique

Amazing! Shipping Is Fast And Product Smells Wonderful. The Branding Is Also Up To Standard Great Addition To Our Shop.

개발자 회신

2021년 4월 28일

You made my day! Going to share this with my team! You're the best for leaving a review! (✿◠‿◠) - Kyouko