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List and sell easily on Amazon, eBay, Etsy & many more

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Shopify Bulk Products Upload

List products from Shopify to Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping & more. Match item variations and attributes with marketplace requirements.

Save Time: Connect Shopify

As a Shopify multi vendor you need to save time: Download magnalister, install our Shopify multi vendor app and let the tool do the job.

Sync Shopify and Import Data

Your stock and prices will automatically be synced between Shopify and eBay, Shopify and Amazon and other marketplaces like Google Shopping.

关于 magnalister

magnalister is one of the most popular multi vendor tools - with more than 70 million product uploads and 2 billion USD in imported orders. With our plugin, merchants have already reached over 110 million customers internationally.

Try the magnalister Shopify Plugin now 30 days for free - with all features!

Core Features of the magnalister Multi Vendor Tool for Shopify:

Product Upload - Multi Channel Inventory Management and Marketplace Listing:

  • magnalister plugin recognizes all the products in your shop
  • Remaining in full control over which products from your online shop you want to upload to which marketplace
  • Only one click needed to offer your whole product range on online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Etsy etc.
  • The magnalister multi vendor Shopify tool takes care of each platform's individual listing mechanisms + technical features

Price and Stock Synchronization: Multi Channel Inventory Sync Across all Connected Marketplaces and Your Webshop

  • You determine the price of your products within our plugin for Shopify - individually for each marketplace
  • magnalister multi channel inventory management & listing software will sync your different pricing for different marketplaces and upload the price you determined
  • Convert pricing, allowing you to sell on international marketplaces in each country’s currency
  • Your product stock will be automatically updated

Import Orders with magnalister Multi Vendor Plugin for Shopify

  • Connect Shopify to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping etc. and manage your orders in one place
  • Orders are automatically + directly imported into the order summary of your Shopify store system
  • Customizing individual import criteria
  • All orders that are imported through magnalister multi vendor tool for Shopify always exist in the store format (great feature for store operators who have their own multi channel inventory management connected with Shopify)

Order Status Synchronization, e.g. “Sent” or “Canceled”

  • magnalister multi vendor Shopify tool automatically synchronizes the status of your orders with each shopping platform
  • If you change the status within Shopify to “sent” or “canceled,” this information will be forwarded to the marketplace

Attributes Matching

  • With our multi vendor Shopify software you can match characteristics of your shop’s products with those of the shopping platform
  • Your products are attributed and listed with their correct information and can be found easier

Customization with Hook Points

  • Hook point system for individual implementing and customizations

Marketplaces You're Able to Connect

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Google Shopping
  • Check24
  • METRO Marktplatz
  • Idealo
  • Rakuten
  • and many more ...


  • Amazon,
  • eBay,
  • Google Shopping,
  • Etsy,
  • Rakuten,
  • METRO Marktplatz





可能收取 外部费用。这些费用由外部提供商收取,不会显示在您的 Shopify 发票上。


2.8 评分


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Visconti Sterling Jewelry

Tried to use app to connect to ebay and when I clicked to create a token ebay locked my account indefinitely for "dangerous activity". Customer Service was extremely unhelpful and showed no sympathy or care.



eBay confirmed that your account has been locked due to an automatic security lock by eBay. They also confirmed that such account locks are not caused by magnalister in any way.

We recommended you to contact eBay about your account issue, since we are unable to provide any eBay account related support.

In the context of a fair conversation with each other, we would be pleased if you would consider to edit your review to reflect the facts.

We are always at your disposal for support.

Offers Express

Grátis 30 dias tem que colocar acima para as pessoas vêm antes de instalar, colocar sem custo e depois ter que colocar cartão de credito para começar a cobrar achei um erro se é sem custo não teria que ter essa função, desinstalando.



We apologize if you did not read the following details about magnalister from Shopify before downloading our plugin "Free to install. External charges may apply." Please notice that this information is provided by Shopify.

On our website, to which Shopify refers you via the hyperlink "External charges may apply", all costs are revealed.
We also refer to our pricing models in the app description in the Shopify store.

Furthermore, the registration process at magnalister itself shows that costs are incurred and that only the first 30 days are offered as a free trial. Moreover, the costs are also transparently outlined in our terms and conditions.

We apologize that these informations were not sufficient for you.

However, we can assure you that you have not exceeded the 30-day trial period, so no costs are incurred for you.

Bertholdt Online

As our business is strongly depending on international sales, magnalister is one of just a handful of essential applications for us. We have been using the tool for almost half a year now to manage our international marketplaces. We're absolutely happy with what we're getting for our money and surely wouldn't want to go back to managing each online store individually. Also a big thanks to the outstanding customer service team!!