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5. september 2023

Don't know yet, its connected and working so thats good.

Boxer Bands
9 måneder bruger appen
6. august 2023

I like it hope to see what email sent and the next few days also how many emails will be sent daily

Shipped It
4 måneder bruger appen
20. august 2023

hello do you have tutorials for setup when customer put email Sign up for our newsletter
i want to send automatic email

Cirka 3 timer bruger appen
Mailchimp svarede 28. august 2023

Hey there! Just to clarify, are you wanting to send an automation email when someone signs up? If so, our automation feature has a trigger that sends an email upon signup. Create an Automated Welcome Email:

27. juni 2023

very good...
It was used on my e-commerce website (((
However I will keep an eye on it and will contact their customer service

5 måneder bruger appen
13. juli 2023

Dear it is a good app to marketing via email and more and also this app is more easier than others application

6 dage bruger appen
26. december 2022

It's the app everyone needs, its help me get more traffic since the day I start using it and me sells is a lot up
7 dage bruger appen
24. februar 2021

Super easy to use and connects our webstore with Mailchimp seamlessly. That's it. That's all I use it for.

Patagonia Bend
Næsten 3 år bruger appen
20. april 2021

Works well for us, we have had NO problems with it since Mailchimp stopped syncing directly with Shopify.

Jackson's Naturals
Mere end 2 år bruger appen
2. februar 2021

Great!!! Easy to connect and to use. I look forward to reaching out to my customers and providing the service they deserve.

Mere end 2 år bruger appen
2. september 2021

Great support team always happy to answer all questions. It says what it says it will do however issues do arise if you have double opt-in on Mailchimp side. They have to work with Mailchimp and Shopify bugs so kudos to you guys for doing your best!

Print and Proper
Mere end 2 år bruger appen