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Bearbeitet am 28. Juni 2024

I found over recent years the integration with Shopify has improved, but its still far from the level other mail solutions are at. The final straw for writing this review has been trying to pause / deactivate a simple pop up / sign up form. Despite doing this there is still code / script on our site and we are left with a generic sign up form which mailchimp support can not help with. We are advised to hire "an expert" to solve this ! heck we just want to turn off a pop up form and try another one ... well this final straw will be the catalyst to finding another Email solution. Update .. now they want me to update my review .. OK well how is this. After MailChimp told me over and over that this was our issue and to hire an expert to remove the code ... Turns our it was their issue and their Developers identified the problem and removed the code. Their support was unwavering is their response that this was our issue. But we would not give in. Then in the end No Apology.

Cocorose London
Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 27. Juni 2024

Hi there! Our Support team followed up on 6/26 with a resolution. In case it was missed, we've gone ahead and resent the response. Be sure to check spam / junk folders to be sure the reply didn't land there.

Bearbeitet am 14. Juni 2024

Well Chimps, after using your App for 12 plus years I must say your service has sunk to a new low. This use to be a solution based company, now strictly policy first dam the customer. (No Common Sense) Your domain validation code is faulty and you do not stand behind what you publish. I wanted to speak with one of your supervisors today, but we are not on your plan. I was shocked after been a low maintenance account for 12 plus years that has drop $15,000.00 over the life cycle with your firm that you would though up such walls. Folks in the industry server providers are not looking kindly on your ways of bouncing your customer back and forth. This is not how we built the internet. If we worked like this we would still be running DOS or using punch cards.
So with this being stated. MailChimp you firm is on notice and we will be reviewing our option. After the last 2 weeks and thousand in lost sales you have broken the one thing you have in the industry "Trust"

David Foster
The Abbey Collection

06-14-2024 Your Firm Is On Notice.
Yes I got a email reply. Unacceptable Response!

The Abbey Collection
Etwa 5 jahre mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 14. Juni 2024

Hi there! We located your interaction with our Support team and let them know about your feedback. They'll follow up with more details to help address this issue. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

12. Juni 2024

They charge you by how many people add stuff in the cart but don't have anything to detect bots so we are having crazy fees about this and they can't do nothing about it. We where not able to add the recapcha to any of our creating form and when we uninstall the app we are now able to add the recapcha. Now we don't have the app and we still receive a huge fees again on our credit card. Plus we don't have the bot problem anymore. I would not recommand this app.

Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 14. Juni 2024

Hey there! Our team can help you identify spam contacts and help remove those from your contacts. Email and one of our Integrations experts will follow up.

8. Mai 2024

Excellent customer service. Highly recommend. The stats and recommendations are extremely helpful. The one on one meeting with the mailchimp representative to learn more is the best instructive 30 minutes ever.

Chris Thompkins
Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
3. Mai 2024

The integration is working fine, and is good value for money, but it does not FILTER subscribers and non-subscribers and we incur additional fees as a result if we don't keep on top of the subscriber limit and this has to be done manually by ourselves. Not thrilled by this additional burden.

Simply Hosiery Online
Vereinigtes Königreich
Fast 5 jahre mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 10. Mai 2024

Hey there! Navigate to "settings" within the Shopify app and look for the section "Sync Non-Subscribed Contacts." Here you can choose which contacts you'd like to sync.

3. Mai 2024

I'm bleeding subscribers! My subscribers, some of them my best customers, are being switched from "subscribed" to "non-subscribed", and apparently there's nothing you can do about it! I'm going to have to switch to a different email provider after 9 years with MailChimp.

Forbidden Fiber Co
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 5 jahre mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 10. Mai 2024

Hi there, we want to help where possible. There is currently an issue where Shopify is overriding marketing subscribed statuses set within Mailchimp. Our team can help further with any additional questions. Email and our team will follow up.

28. April 2024

I’m saving so much time by using the Shopify/mailchimp integration! There’s no entering twice or export/import to do. I can concentratee on setting up customers as they come and know they will receive our e lasts!

Casa Ancora Decor
Vereinigte Staaten
20 tage mit der App
14. Juni 2024

Mailchimp has the potential to be a great tool but what a hassle to set up, and like another review, you have to watch your contacts list like a hawk. We have the opposite problem than another reviewer had - where Mailchimp is overriding Shopify subscriptions, so a client agrees to emails during the checkout process but Mailchimp codes them as non-subscribed pending a double opt-in, and it’s random. I’ve been on chat for days and they just talk nonsense about why. Most of the live chat agents don’t bother to understand your problem and just write some template answer that has nothing to do with your problem., and they send you links to articles to read. If I wanted to read an article, I wouldn’t be on live chat! The pre-built templates are cool and the AI features really helpful.The support over the phone is great and you can share your screen and have them walk you thru design & workflow. You have to pay the big bucks though to get phone support. So some really nice features and some not so nice, but man are the live chat agents a challenge!
17 tage mit der App
19. Juni 2024

This app has caused several issues with my Shopify store- that as of this review still have yet to be resolved.
Initially, we wanted to have a newsletter subscription pop up on the front page of our store, and after being set up, it initially would not appear.
After contacting the help center (which they were very kind and patient), we were able to get the pop up working, but found when it popped up, it blocked out the entire storefront. It would not go away without refreshing the page. We decided to disable and do away with this integration.

Vereinigte Staaten
15 tage mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 27. Juni 2024

We appreciate the review. We checked in with our teams about the issue you're running into and we can confirm that this is still being looked into. We appreciate your patience while this happens.

3. Juni 2024

Not synching and we are having to do a ton of stuff manually since the platforms aren't 'talking' to each other.

The Little Coterie Shop
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 6. Juni 2024

Hey there! Email and our team can help look into what's going on.