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21. November 2023

dishonest and not worth it, lies about cancel anytime, you need to upgrade so you don't ended with spam emails and no real results

Rocket Comics
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
23. Oktober 2023

I DO NOT RECOMMEND - I bought a mailing list and mail chimp automatically emailed everyone on the list to ask if they meant to subscribe !! Mail Chimp is meant to be working for me not against me and they would have had an unsubscribe option on y first offer I sent them. VERY DISAPPOINTING and I have now cancelled the subscription.

Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
13. Oktober 2023

disappointing customer service.

Saska Jewellery
Vereinigtes Königreich
7 monate mit der App
3. November 2023

NO - They overbill and under deliver. The bigger you get the worse it is as they always push more services that you don't need and that don't work. You will NEVER speak to anyone in billing if there is error so good luck with that.

There text service is horrible and has poor delivery rates. You will be charged for everything too. You can see from others and not just me there was is archaic and they have poor support.

Toltrazuril Shop
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa ein monat mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 8. November 2023

Our team can help look over the account with you and see what billing adjustments can be made. Email and they'll follow up with more information.

30. September 2023

Concerté cita telefónica para que me explicaran como funcionaba y como no hablo inglés me colgaron y no volví a saber de ellos.
He desinstalado la aplicación y me siguen cobrando.

Mi Maleta y Tú
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
21. Juli 2023

En Shopify me ha aparecido que esta aplicación NO SE ADMITE. En el soporte de Mailchimp no me han dado solución para incompatibilidad a pesar de que parece que la tengo actualizada.

5 monate mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 18. August 2023

¡Hola! Envíe un correo electrónico a y nuestro equipo puede ayudarlo a determinar si hay problemas de compatibilidad.

23. Juli 2023

STAY AWAY!!! Go to another email service!!!! I am opening a brand new small business, which is why I chose to open my website with Shopify. I am new to all of this, so despite Mail Chimp's DISMAL ratings as a Shopify app, I decided to try them anyway. BIG MISTAKE! On my company IG, I advertised an email campaign launching tomorrow, so yesterday I decided to do a test run with the automation to make sure everything ran well, and their STUUUUPID AI software flagged my account for terms of use violations, which completely disabled the entire account. Literally the email had all of two paragraphs introducing the brand with my own proprietary photography and copy, and I only sent the test emails to myself and my husband. There's nobody to call, and their online chat is with a bot. So I wrote them emails, I opened a ticket, I did everything to fix it before the date I promised to subscribers. Twelve hours later, at midnight, I finally got a response from Evelyn, she sent me a series of questions demanding to know where I got my email addresses (again, the test run only had myself and my husband) and I have under 20 subscribers total, all of whom subscribed through my landing page on Shopify. My Shopify store isn't even open yet, and they demanded the website's private password to go in and make sure it's a real website? That's where we left off over TWELVE HOURS ago - my account is still suspended and I had to call of sick for work tomorrow so I can try and troubleshoot this, which will now include re-writing all of my email campaigns with a new provider. As a brand new small business owner, this is just.... shocking. A total nightmare. So, like I said, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! ANYWHERE else!!!

Mil Usos
Vereinigte Staaten
11 tage mit der App
1. Juli 2023

Don't waste your time with this app, their platform is primitive, you spend hours configuring everything according to the instructions, you leave everything ready and supposedly approved, the time comes to send the email and they suspend your account, why didn't you tell me from the beginning that there was a problem? Now the solution is to write to customer service and ask someone to answer so they can tell you why they suspended what they had initially approved.

El Aviador Models
Vereinigte Staaten
2 monate mit der App
13. Juli 2023

The date never got uploaded. It kept taking me to my Shopify account but when I clicked on a button to set it up, it brought me back to this page.

Naho's Floral Design
Vereinigte Staaten
39 minuten mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 18. August 2023

Can you try clearing your browser's cache and cookies? Cached data could be the issue here. If you're still seeing the data field not syncing, email and they can help troubleshoot with you.

31. Oktober 2021

Great App. A free upgrade from the old workaround. After installation, I have 1000's of customers in my list that had previously unsubscribed and were resent welcome emails causing my account to be spammed. My abandoned carts no longer work and there is no way to contact support to fix any of it. Great work!

Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
Mailchimp hat geantwortet 2. November 2021

Hi there, we saw your review and wanted to get in touch. We’re sorry for any unnecessary emails that got triggered. In the pre-install checklist, we recommend to archive ‘Welcome emails’ so it would prevent this from happening. Additionally, we recommend installing the abandoned carts functionality after install. In order to have your shop function as expected, please be sure to follow our guidelines. Once properly installed, your abandoned carts will begin functioning business as usual.

In regards to support, you can reach us anytime through “Contact Support” within the app. Please note, you do not have to be paid user of Mailchimp to get basic troubleshooting or set up help. In oder to route you to the proper support team, please ensure you are logged in. Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and frustration and will help all that we can.