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Bearbeitet am 11. Mai 2023

Love it so far hope nothing disappoints. Easy to use interface and great tools to meet your goals. i would definitely recommend to anyone!

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8. Juni 2023

My experience with Mail Chimp is great so far! Integrating it with my Shopify store is really easy and the interface is easy to navigate too

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Bearbeitet am 5. August 2021

We couldn't get custom orders synced into Mailchimp from shopify. But the team was very helpful and fixed this going forward. Also, we had 4 of our active automation campaigns archived by the Shopsync api. But again, this was fixed and shouldn't happen in future. The products usually sync like a charm, as do contacts. Orders now are syncing without any issues too. Thank you

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Mailchimp hat geantwortet 26. Juli 2021

Hi there, we saw your review and wanted to respond. Your store shows that it completed syncing and is processing data in real-time. It's possible there was some Shopify API rate limiting or queues that were waiting to process at the time the review was written; that's not totally unusual with how large the Shopify ecosystem is and how much data we're processing for our users.

In regards to the automations being archived, this is done so past customers do not receive emails. For example, let's say you have a "welcome automation" in Mailchimp running. When ShopSync is installed, it syncs all your customer/orders/products from when your store first came online. Because Mailchimp sees these past users as "new customers" it would send an email to customers from the very first one to the most recent. By archiving, it prevents these emails from going out to users who really don't need to receive an email.

Lastly, you can always get in touch with us at if you have questions. We're around Monday-Friday and typical response times are less than 1 business day.

26. Juli 2021

It was unfortunate that our issue was not resolved, the CS team was very responsive and supportive.

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17. Februar 2022

Just getting started with the app it was a breeze to import your contacts looking forward to trying the service out.

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14. Oktober 2021

Great with Mailchimp. I'm just not able to get one feature working with mailchimp. I will definitely recommend to a friend.

Lil Lady Shoes
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28. Mai 2021

I've used this app since the old Shopify Mailchimp App was discontinued. Everything has worked ok until I discovered that the synch process is 2 way, with new subscribers on Mailchimp being added to Shopify as draft customers. This is ok but if you capture address fields in Mailchimp forms, this data vanishes in Mailchimp after data synching with Shopify. So any lead generation I want to do via Mailchimp becomes very complex and I have to turn off ShopSync so that address fields remain stored in Mailchimp. Would hope the devs look into this issue because it's not ideal. Aside from our very techinical issue, we really can't do without this app.
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25. April 2021

The synchronisation was very good. You can also directly create a pop up. Now it's waiting what I can do in the futur with this app. But a good beginning is a quick win
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Bearbeitet am 12. Mai 2020

I have mostly enjoyed using this app and it is very helpful to be able to keep using Mailchimp. However this app has one huge flaw. I have learned after a year of using it, that it unsubscribes your most engaged followers and purchasers when they purchase from your store. That is unless they re-tick your receive emails button.

Why would a customer who knows they receive your emails sign up again? I wouldn't do that...we all want smaller inboxes these days and so you would not do it. We use Mailchimp so our customers will have used a double opt in at sign up and they also have an unsubscribe button with each marketing email they receive. I think we cover the issue correctly, so it seems that this is over zealous interpretation of the situation.

So as it stands I may lose the ability to contact customers who have previously signed up for our emails because of this system. I have seen other comments on this topic in the reviews.

Please help Shopsync, thank you as your app is moslty great but this is really affecting our ability to communicate with regular purchasers and it takes way less money and time and effort to covert someone who has previously purchased from us. We are advised to concentrate on selling to existing customers as well as new ones. Thank you so much!
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Mailchimp hat geantwortet 11. Mai 2020

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. The problem here is more complicated than it seems with repeat customers. When Shopify sends the order to us via their API, we can only see their marketing status at the time of the most recent checkout. We have to take that as "the truth" at that moment and apply logic to the submission into Mailchimp.

We would hope that repeat customers would always want to remain opted in, but obviously, that's not realistic. For example, maybe a customer signs up for a promo and decides on their next checkout, they no longer want to be on your list. Unfortunately, there's no great way for us to know what the customer's intentions are other than taking what Shopify gives us at that time.

The happy medium in this situation is to mark them as Transactional in Mailchimp if they do not opt-in at checkout the next time around. That way, you can still trigger abandoned carts, order updates, etc. We made this update in December of last year. You can see version v1.1.4 rolled out on the 20th that now works in the manner described on our changelog:

If it's permitted in your country, you could consider pre-selecting the opt-in box. You would need to check with your local regulatory agencies to see if that's something that is allowed.

2. September 2020

So far so good.

I just did it to sync to Mailchimp and my store does not have a lot of data to mess up so lets hope it stays that way.

It took less than 10 minutes to get the sync.
Thanks, DSQ

Dope Soap Queen
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